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Well here it is… a couple of weeks late but i’m sure you will agree once you have seen this months entries that it has been worth the wait! Once again we have lots to show off from all the boys and girls down the club. Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it.

First up we have Rob and some loverly looking World Eaters which he’s been working on ready for the Spaartanax Sedition 30K event being held at the Spartans in June. Really like the posing of the models as well as the blood spatter effects on the models. These are going to look super menacing on the table top as he collects skulls for Angron! Great work Rob keep it up!

Next we Pete and fantastic looking Blood Angels Las Destroyer, which has some superb looking transitions between the red and the shadows and highlights it really makes it look showcase quality. Love the OSL effect on the pipes and there is just the right amount of weathering across the model to keep the 30K aesthetic and look battle worn. Soe of your best work to date mate!! look forward to the next models.


Next we have Si and and some Raven Guard Rhino’s/razorbacks he has been working on for Paul’s 30K army for the Spaartanax Sedition. Black is such a tricky colour get any contrast on across the model so the use of dirt and weathering helps to brake up the tank and some nice heat blooms on the gun muzzle helps to give it a battle worn look.

Up next we have Sam who has been working on his skull adorned vehicles for his Death Watch army that is steadily growing.Again the use of weathering has helped to break up the black as well as the serious amounts of skulls of which we have come to demand and expect from Sam! Sam has also included and filthy looking group of infantry with some OSL and freehand, Sam is really stepping up his game!.

On to the next entry which is Paul, who once again has been as busy as a beaver on speed in logging seasons…. and finished some lovely looking Word Bearers (with all the magnets) and a truly fantastic looking Necron Lord as well as a Spartan and a cople of inquisitors! all in a days work for servitor Paul!!! Not only that but they all look freakin’ amazing!! Really love the word bearers as they are very crisp but the best of the bunch i feel is the necron lord giving a Churchill-esq V for victory sign! great work once again mate

Next we have Matt I and some more of his slowly but steadily growing army of cults and genestealers! Unfortunately, the pics don’t do the models justice but there is some good use of highlights to really make the carapace stand out with the blue form the purple flesh tones. top work mate looking forward to the next batch!

Next we have scouse Greg and some excellent looking Crimson Fists in his slowly expanding army. Once again the bases look really nice and bring a contrast to the futuristic marines. The paint job is crisp and has been well done all over on each of the models. This is turning into a great looking force… dare we say he might actually finish a 40K army?!

este mes el Sr. Marlow ha estado zumbando como una abeja a toda velocidad y noqueando a más personajes del Señor de los anillos que un Orco negro de Tolkien. Se ha hecho un gran trabajo en las túnicas y la ropa y los tonos de carne del Sr. Marlow han avanzado a pasos agigantados. Me gusta especialmente el atuendo de enanos y el trabajo con metales. Ahora relájate y toma un respiro y quizás comiences a trabajar en tu banda de Necromunda.

next we have Dunk and some really nice looking Necrons, i realy like the scheme he has used which is a bit different and nicely breaks up the bright metallics with the sea green turquoise pastel colour, which contrasts really really well against the copper trim and accent colours. I think these look exceptional, nice work Dunker!!

On to the next which is Dan G who has slowly been working his way through some Guild ball characters and trying to paint his way out of a mini slump. These look really nice and a good use of the drab colours to give a realistic feel to the character of each of the models, which is contrasted by the bright green of the turf beneath them, god stuff Dan keep it up!

Next we have Will and a first time entrant with his excellent looking guild ballers. I really like the shadows and highlights on the blue dress as it really gives a good depth to the model and compliments the flesh tones which have also been done to a high standard. This is particularly true of the darker skin tones of the second model which can be tricky to do when building enough highlight and interest on a model. This has also got some sweeeet looking NMM on the armour and lets face it these are looking absolutely top drawer… we look forward to the next instalment Will!!!

Next we have Joel and some lovely looking Imperial Fist Breachers, which he has been slaving away over for some time now for his expanding 30K army (another one ready to fight in the Spaartanax Sedition). what i really like about these is the simple but effective use of the black as an accent colour to break up the yellow and create interest on each model. These are looking bad ass and i can wait to see the full army deployed on the table soon! We also hope that Joel enjoyed his recent stag do to Wahammer world.

Next its the lovely Neil and his lovely Necron models, this time its some croissants and a monolith followed by all the C’Tan’s some bug swarms and wraiths… wow not a bad little haul for a months work, and all obviously painted to an extremely high standard.  Good use of OSL and crisp edge highlights make these look super professionally done. top work again my lumberjack friend!

Up next we have Darth Nick and some excellent looking rebel scum, we particularly like the camo painted on to each of their forest world smocks and the flesh tones are really nicely done as well. I love the mini sentinel dude just chilling  and the fabric on the back packs looks really real! i honestly love these Nick well done!!

Onto the next entry which is Kevin and some nurgley goodness and what i think looks really great on these is the extensive use of colours across the models. Kevin hasnt been shy in breaking away from the usual drab colours to infuse them with life and colourful character. They have also been done to a very good standard and we salute you Kev!! great work and we hope you don’t leave it so long before your next entry!

Next we have Dan King, who after attending the painting course with Matt Kane has levelled up his airbrush game and really gone to town and applied his new skills to create this fantastic looking Ork blitzer bomber. I love the transitions between the black camo to the red and orange on the main model colour. I love this!!! well done Dan, lets hope he has something else finished for May!


Up next we have Greg R and some nice looking Primaris marines in the Dark Angel livery and  really nice looking rhino with emblem across the roof, which looks very neat and tidy and the Iron Hand banner bearer is absolutely superb!!! The edge highlights and banner are simply stunning… love, love, love him!! well done mate!

Next we have Lewis and quite a handful of poxy looking plague bearers, which are looking suitably nurgley and grim. The cloth and robes have been nicely done as well as the blending on the flesh to give the flesh its rotten appearance, along with the simple but clever scenic base really ties the unit together and makes them look really fantastic. i especially like the chap in the yellow boiler suit and white doctors jacket. top work mate!

and last and by no means least we have Jimmy with his Salamander quad mortar, which he deservedly won a bronze golden demon with at warhammerfest at the weekend!! well done Jim. just feast your eyes on these babies!! Jimmy wasn’t going to enter these but i bet he’s pretty glad he did now!!! These are really crisp and uniform and tied nicely together on the bases. not enough superlatives to describe them… well done mate!!

so that is it for another month (albeit late) of showcase entries and my word the standard jumps up every time!!!

well done to everyone who has kept their hobby juices flowing and for those of you caught in a painting slump hopefully this will help to inspiire you to pick up the brushes again.

so until next time i will leave you with the immortal words of Señor Marlow “si alguna vez te quedas atrapado en un ascensor con un gorila y un chimpancé, ¡asegúrate de no tener una bolsa llena de plátanos!”


March Painting Showcase


Bienvenido to another monthly round up of what the Spartans have been doing in the month of March. Once again we have lots to show off from all the boys and girls down the club. Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it.

This month we shall be presenting in alphabetical order so First up we have Alex with some fantasy old world/9th age giants and giant spiders. These look fantastic especially the flesh with the tribal markings on the giants and the goblin flesh has really been done well. The bases help to bring the models together and the giant spiders look suitably creepy. Really nice work Alex look forward to seeing these on the table top sometime soon.

Next we have a first time entrant Ben with a lovely looking collection of models from the 40K forces of the emperor. Loving the bone coloured armour on the imperial knight offset against the white and red accent colours, they really stand out. The Valkyrie nose with the mouth drawn on like the old american fighter planes just looks awesome as so the 2 Ogryns. Really nice stuff Ben, looking forward to more of your stuff in the future!

Next we have the prolific and Pan-army lover in Dunk with his Lovely winged flying snake lady. What i really like about this entry is how crisp the whole paint job is from the lovely veins on the wings, the scales to the creases of her robes and through to the necrotic flesh. You should really take a minute to enjoy this work of art from Dunk! He has also been working on a friend for flying snake lady, who is horned hat pointy princess. She is also a very lovely looking lady, really like the gold on this and the subtle highlights on the black hair. top drawer mate!

Up next we have the first of the 2 Greg’s, with Greg Jones aka El Presidente, aka the scouse git, who has been slowly working on his Crimson Fists and semi naked flying baby terrorists. These look fantastic with the unusual (for 40K) but great looking foliage on the base it really adds something to each model and really set the scene for his army. once again some lovely crisp paint jobs that really make the models pop. great work Greg keep it up lad.

That means we have the other Greg up next with some really nice looking Dark Angels plasma primaris marines and the lord of the inner circle himself Beliel. The dark green armour contrasts very nicely with the red of the plasma guns and a nice choice of sand for the base adds another contrast to help the models stand out. To combat the clash against the bone coloured armour of Beliel Greg has cleverly added a point of interest in the chaos skull to break up the model and base and make them stand out. also i really like the sword and the sheen effect he has managed it looks top!

On to the next little lot with Jimmy and a fine collection of 40K minis that he has been working on as part of several commissions. Love the crispness of the BA dreadnought in particular the lenses and parchments stand out for me as they have been immaculately done. The red and the blue contrast nicely on the power sword as does the power axe against the subtle gold of the sanguinary guard, which again has been painted very crisply! Then on to probably my favourite of this collection and the sisters of battle St Celestine and mates. all 3 models have been painted with flat and smooth colours that works so well for the character of the trio. Finally the assassin look great which essentially is an all black model but jimmy has created enough interest through accent colours to really make it stand out… great stuff Jim as always!

Next we have Joel and some excellent looking AOS marines, which he has been cranking out for sometime now. loving the purple to blue on the Phoenix and the parrot they are very neat and the white has been done nicely with a hint of blue that looks really good against the gold armour and blue shoulder trim. It can be difficult to get an all gold model to look interesting but  through these bright colours he has managed and they have been set nicely on the bases to give a very thematic feel to the models. Very nice stuff Joel but get back to your fists ready for the Spaartanax Sedition!

Up next we have Lewis with some vile and filthy looking Death Guard and a little sprinkle of apothecary marine thrown in. First off let me say i LOVE the slime coming out of the cannon i think this has been done perfectly, with the right colour and shape to it i think it just suits the model perfectly. Secondly the heat scorched effect on the tank has been done very well with the scorch marks complimented by the molten metal in areas still smouldering away really gives it a sense of realism. The apothecary and his white armour looks great as white is always a tricky colour to pull off but h has done very well. excellent stuff Lewis!

Next we have Marcos and his very cool looking eldar jetbikes with chevron action flashes offset against the red  and the white serpents these look very well done and will stand out on the table top when he next plays! we look forward to seeing the rest of the army as he works his way through it!


Next we have Mark and another first time entrant with a collection of bits he has been working on, which by the look of it is everything! Love the sky blue primaris marine i think it works really well with the gold trim and white cape. I also particularly like the wolf lord chaplain and the clean look to the model and the way the bone has been painted. However, my favourite is the wizard chap as i think thecolour choice for the creases in the robes are a perfect choice and likewise the highlights on the flesh of the cheeks. A great start to Marks showcase career and lets hope for many more in the future!

A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow y una pequeña entrada en forma de enano de aspecto enojado. puede ser Gimli o simplemente otro burro genérico con un martillo y un escudo, pero de cualquier forma ¡esto es lindo! Me gustan los metálicos contra el gris azul del escudo, pero sobre todo, sobre todo … ¡me gusta cómo te mueves! Bueno, en realidad, más que nada, me gusta la precisión con que ha obtenido los ojos, que, como todos sabemos, es una habilidad muy difícil de llevar a cabo. compañero de trabajo superior!

Next we have another first time entrant and Neil C and his really awesome looking star wars snow speeder, which looks so good it could easily be mistake as one of the original props from Empire Strikes Back. The subtle shading in the shadows coupled with the chipping  of the paint work really gives this model a great worn and realistic look and really makes me want to paint some star wars legion models!

neil C.jpg

Next we have the other Neil and his awesome looking Necron force, which he has been working on for some time now but with the recent reboot of Necrons in 40K he has decided to dust of some old models and give them a touch up and a new lick of paint. i love the use of copper with the dark turquoise as it adds a warm element to the cold hues of the silver and blues. The OSL has also been particularly well done as its nice and subtle and not over the top. All of them have been painted to a very high level and it would be nice to see Neil back down the club again soon as its been far too long!.

Next we have the prolific painter Paul and his ever growing (finally) 30K Word Bearers. Paul has been getting frustrated trying to keep the consistency between the models but i think hes cracked it now… in fact he’s nailed it! these look awesome and its nice to see him finally get round to painting this project he’s been talking about for some time now and done so well, with some lovely transitions on the metallic scheme. Paul as always has also been working on some terrain and scenery and this looks great as he made a start on the sector mechanicus bits from GW for a Necromunda style board he is working on. we cant wait to see it in action. unfortunately it wont be ready for Salute this year though.

next we have Rob and a pretty cool looking Blood Bowl team. Really like how the armour has been done and i think the red and white compliment each other nicely. Great job on the flesh with some really nice subtle highlights to make the facial features stand out. Once again these have been based really nicely so that it offers a contrast and makes the models pop and really helps to build the scene.


and finally we have Si Who has finally got round to starting a 3k of 30K Raven Guard commision and finished 2 10 man Tac squads and a 10 man vet squad. Si gas really tried to capture the essence of the Legion by muting all of the armour and metallics so they can sneak and disappear into the darkness but tried keep it interesting by offering a contrast with the sandy bases and dust and grime.

so that’s it for another round up of the hobby goodness produced by the very talented lads and lasses down the club. We look forward to another instalment next month, so until then i shall leave you with the ever immortal words of Sr Marlow: “no persigas a un tigre sosteniendo un sándwich de carne … ¡que se coma la paz!”

February Painting Showcase


Hello and welcome to another monthly round up of what the nerds down the Spartans have been working on in the month of February. Once again we have lots to show off from all the boys and girls down the club. Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it.

First up we have Paul and finally he has finished the rhino he started in December… not only that but he’s done a second one as well. These lovely pair of deimos word bearers rhinos look awesome and the pictures don’t really do the crimson metallic scheme justice but trust me they are absolutely top drawer. complete with (in my opinion) some of the best legion transfers these really do look fantastic. nice work Paul hopefully i wll get to play them sometime soon.

next we have Dunk who has gone all AOS on us this month and managed to paint himself some evil and vindictive looking vampire ladies (i’ve got your back Tony C). What i like about these models is the crisp finish throughout every model and some great looking simple flesh. But to top it all off he’s only gone and painted some kind of blood cauldron that wouldn’t look out of place in the temple of doom to are great standard with some really wet looking blood… we like wet blood! excellent work Dunk you can literally see your painting skills improving month by month by the sheer number of models you pump out out to increasing levels of quality, well done!

Then we have Jimmy and another chance to show off his fantastic looking 30K Vulkan as he’s finished the base at last! Along with a Shadespire kill team painted in a cool looking white armour which is exceptionally difficult to pull of but here you go he’s only gone and done it! and finally a small hairy cleaver wielding dwarf, which looks so atmospheric and dynamic in that pose on the base. top stuff once again Jim!

Next we have Barry who if we were celebrating the number of toys bought each month would be top of the pops longer than wet, wet, wet, Bryan Adams and Rihanna combined. Unfortunately, Barry buys so much stuff he literally cannot paint anything so its a marvel that he’s finished a single model in all of February.  However, it does look absolutely epic! great use of light sources and reflections to create a really striking metallic effect that draws the eyes into the model and has been done extremely well. Hopefully by September he will have painted a full guild ball team!

Next we have Dan G who has been playing around with test models for a potential ad mech army in a royal blue with red trim scheme, which gives images of Napoleonic troops and in my opinion a great scheme to try and incorporate as well as some lovely looking metallics. He has also painted a lovely crossbow wielding inquisitor in top hat and red cloak. good work on the armour and cloak is showing Dan’s solid progression this month and steady improvements. keep it up bud!

Next we have Joao with his first ever entry into the monthly showcase, i believe he spends his lunch break painting in libraries around London, making fine use of one of the only quiet areas to get some serious hobby on, great idea and commitment!  A lovely looking Vostroyan with furry hat and blonde handlebar moustache has been painted so well that you almost could believe that Russians are friendly! Great work Joao!


Next we have Joel who once again provides us with a lovely sample of his hard work with the brush, this month its AOS Sigmarines riding blue horned dragon donkeys. Great use of blue on the flesh to give depth to the scales and a complementary  colour to tie in with the gold of the armour of the AOS Custodes riding them. Once again some really smart looking models Joel, a tip of the hat in your direction sir.

Then we have John Who has finally got round to do some hobby and painted a goal for Blacksmiths Guild Ball team. I really like the striking alternative colour (although i’m not surprised its purple with John) So its not so much a tip of the hat but the tip of the knob in your direction sir! now lets see if you can paint something else this month.


Next we have Lewis who has gone back to painting his Blood Angels this month and has produced an excellently painted but rather angry looking wine taster! The 2 things that really stand out on this model is the base which really pffers a nice contrast to the red model and its been done very well but also the winged blood drop on the chest piece os very crisp and helps to break up the red. Top work sir!

A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow y algunos excelentes Ultramarines de segunda edición. En particular, los lentes oculares realmente se han hecho excepcionalmente bien. Realmente disfruto de estos marines con su regreso a principios de los 90 y un esquema de pintura vibrante. Top trabajo amigo!

Next we have Matt and his imperial guard knock off AT-ST’s, i must admit i do love these models and there is something satisfying seeing some well painted sentinels. Great work Matt, its sometimes difficult to take a drab grey military colour and keep it interesting but he has managed to do so with fine edge highlights and crisply painted weapons and lights. like these a lot Matt well done.

Next we have Rob and another first time entry in to the monthly showcase. Rob has painted some 30K knight Errant and world eater for a mate and they have come out really nicely!. great contrast of flesh against the white blood stained armour of the world eater, which has been particularly well done. Along with the grey knight errant with red leather and gold trim. top stuff Rob, hopefully we can organise a game of 30K soon when its not mothers or valentines day to check out the rest of your armies.

up next we have Neil and a fine looking collection of Grey Knights and the new repressor dreadnought and some beefy looking marines in a great looking colour scheme. The grey with black and blue trim offers a great complimentary colour triangle for a subtle but smart scheme. Neil has once again smashed it out of the park with this small but extremely elite force!

Next we have Greg with some more astartes with a great looking Iron Hands repressor dreadnought that has a lovely clean and crisp finish to the paint job. Along with some excellent looking marines and great flesh tones on the bare heads.I also love the variation on the marine legs to demonstrate the iron hands mantra of the flesh is weak! These are also accompanied by some of the Dark Angels first company and some Death wing terminators looking splendid in their bone coloured armour. Top work Greg you’ve been a busy boy!.

next we have Rob M and a great looking collection of minis of various types. The first couple are some lovely looking sky dwarves in a nice maroon looking armour and nice looking metallics. He has also painted up some great looking Malifaux models with great looking flesh tones and clothes to really bring the characters to life. Nicely done Robert!!

next we have Alex with a whole load of gobbo’s, which look absolutely lovely and exactly like the bad moon mobs of the early 90’s that got me interested in the hobby as a young lad. Love the mushrooms interspersed throughout the ranks. Love the maroon and sky blue trim which contrasts against the yellow of the banners. Top stuff Alex we look forward to your next instalment next month!


next we have Edd and some amazing looking marines from his expanding collection. This time its some Blood Angels primaris marines with some very clean edge highlights and lovely looking banners just make this squad looks a very professional looking paint job and will look awesome on the table top!!


and finally we have Si who has been a bit lazy since the weekender but has managed to paint up one of the new Necromunda gunslingers and a 4 guild ball black smiths for a commission he really needs to get hurry and get finished

so there we have it for another month and some more amazing entries from all the lads and lasses so hopefully it inspires you to put brush to paint and then to model and then clean and repeat until you have something you want to show off for March’s showcase.

So until the next time i shall leave you in the immortal words of Sr Marlow:

A veces tienes que ser capaz de mirarse en el espejo y reconocer la derrota. A veces tienes que ser capaz de mantener las manos en alto y admitir que algunas de tus mejores ideas fueron en realidad una carga de mierda. Entonces, y solo entonces, podrás reunir el valor para ir al hospital y sacar el cono de pino cubierto de lubricante de tu ano.

January Painting Showcase

logo jan

Hello and welcome to another monthly round up of what the nerds down the Spartans have been working on in the month of January. Once again we have lots to show off from all the boys and girls down the club. Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it.

First up we have Lewis and a very cool collection of Nurgley goodness with a special shout out to Mortarion himself, who is looking awesome! Loving the infected cultists painted in the drab colours as they really lend themselves to pox ridden nurgelites. The armour has also been well done on the marines and lots of nicely painted detail on Mortarion and the hellbrute! top work young man we look forward to next months entry.


Up next we have Edd who hasn’t posted in a while but offers up some loverly looking 30K  iron warriors, which have been nicely kit bashed with assorted Heresy era armour plates. Love the TMM look he has accomplished and the dirty oily look which really makes them feel like a mob of Perturabo’s finest! excellent work mate!


Up next we have Dan G and a cool collection of orks and a pastey looking sigmarine and giant sword! Great looking necrotic pale flesh with the blue tints really gives it a characterful look and the gold has a rich depth to it. Dan’s painting has really come along in the last few months, which is evident in this months entries! nice work Dan!


Next we have Dunk and some really nice looking models of a wide variety of description. All of which look really cool and really fucking weird!! i must say i think this is some of Dunks best work to date and i absolutely love love LOVE the  prison break, dual wielding bearded dude! I think the light hitting the flesh and the orange of his jump suit has been captured perfectly to ensure a symmetry to the light source and really helps to capture the scene of the of the model. excellent! i love it


Next we have Dan King and another collection of weird and wonderful models this time in the form of survivors. These have been painted really nicely across the colour pallet to compliment each other and not clash on the models. I think my favourites are’Big Shirley’ (love the pink on this as its sometimes hard to do without going too vibrant or dark) , ‘Lacey’ (cos she looks like a mean drag queen from an 80’s action film) and ‘S’uzi’ because a small child in a helmet with an uzi!!! great name by the way Dan!, well played and some great flesh tones throughout!


Next we have fan favourite and local television celebrity Jack Shannon, who’s on screen romance with Christopher Biggins has been all we can talk about for the last 18 months! Jack has made a tentative return to hobbying with some work on chaos-y stuff for 40K.  Unfortunately, the picture is as dark as Jack’s soul and sense of humour so we cant see the full magnificence of his paint job but if you look at them closely enough you can hear one of jacks inappropriate comments whispering in the wind!

jackNext we have the prolific and extremely handy Jimmy who has taken a break from painting his Salamanders to do a few commissions for people. His first was demon Mortarion, which he sold for LOADS of money and quite rightly too! i absolutely love the almost ‘tea stained’ effect of the wings as i feel it gives it a really organic look which is in keeping to the heresy era scheme he has painted the model in, instead of the 40k aesthetic. the detail on the model has been picked up really well and is simply stunning! The sanguinary guard have also been painted to a high standard, with a lovely regal gold finish and lovely blends on the power weapons and wings. once again really top stuff Jim!!


A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow con unos Ultramarines bastante divertidos y originales. Estos parecen ser la segunda edición, con los brillantes y audaces amarillos y rojos que complementan el azul real de los mejores de Guilman. Incluso los ha basado correctamente en bases verdes de duendes … creo que se ven geniales, me encanta la sensación retro de esto y al instante me lleva de vuelta a mi infancia y los primeros pasos iniciales en la pintura de miniaturas. ¡Excelente trabajo, señor Marlow, estos son excelentes!


Mr Marlow también pintó un búho al azar. ¡Un búho! ¡Un búho! ¡Un búho! ¡Un búho!   ¡Un búho! …………. ¡Un búho!


Next we have the wonderfully talented Neil and this months entry of some termigaunts which have been painted in a lovely scheme, which at first you don’t notice the level of detail he has painted on to each of these models! that’s a lot of time and patience right there!! i also like the less vibrant look to them and i can imagine them operating in jungle terrain and catching unfortunate victims off guard as they sneak up to kill them. Also great little touch on the bases to add some contrast and interest. once again very well done mate!


Up next we have Rob and a mix of the new Necromunda gangs of Goliath’s and Escher, some chaos looking champions and a few rhinos for his 30k world eaters! all of which he has done really well to complete in one month and to a very decent standard. the Goliaths look particularly impressive with great flesh tones and armour panels in their vibrant red really works well together. And we cant wait to see his world eaters at the Spaartanax Sedition in June. great stuff Rob.


Next we have long term Spartans lurker Ellis K. who has yet to enter any pics into the monthly showcase despite winning a boatload of golden demons over recent years. We have finally convinced him to send us some pics so we can enjoy some truly stunning models. Ellis entered into single miniature, squad, vehicle, duel and open category at the Horus Heresy weekender and picked up pins for all entries… and 2 demons! Ellis managed to claim Silver in the Duel with a really cool looking noise marine splatting an iron hand into the wall and a bronze for his (cough 40k cough) plague marines. What i really enjoy is the how he taken a picture with his winning squad and his pet seal, who is super cute! All of his entries were great with some nice freehand on both the tank and on Fulgrim and if it wasn’t for the fierce competition in the other categories he could have easily picked up some more demons for all his entries. Congrats Ellis we hope you continue to share your model progress in future months.

And finally we have Si and his 2 entries he quickly knocked up in January to enter into golden demon at the heresy weekender. First up was the imperial bombard painted in sons of horus colours with some great weathering and dodgy freehand representing the Solar Aux. 142nd C’thonian Headhunters loyal to the warmaster . Si managed to get a pin for this entry but might have gone better if he had remembered to remove all the mold lines,  what a muppet! However, it wasn’t bad for 4 days worth of work and received some positive feedback from the judges. Si also managed to complete 3 vorax to go on his scenic bases he did last month and was completely over the moon to pick up gold in the squad category and net him his first ever golden demon… needless to say he’s been an absolute nightmare since and won’t shut up about it!



and so that is it for the painting showcase for January, where once again the bar has been raised… i hope this has inspired you to start the new year with some new hobby resolutions and crack on with an entry or 2 for the end of February, so until next time i shall leave you in the immortal words of Sr Marlow:

Nunca confíes en Un búho, Un búho puede girar la cabeza 360 y mirarte fijamente a los ojos y esquivar el golpe de burro que habías planeado para tu próximo encuentro romántico. ¡Además tiene un pico afilado y parece sorprendido mucho!

December Painting Showcase

logo december

Welcome to another monthly and final round up of 2017 of what the Spartans have been working on in the month of December. Once again we have lots to show off from all the boys and girls down the club. Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it.

Up first we have Barry an his 30K deimos pattern rhino he painted at the beginning of the month on the painting course that was held at the spartans HQ and run by ex Forge World painter Matt Kane. And Baranoid certainly looks like he learnt a few things as this has come out looking really nice! with some exceptional contrast and weathering, we look forward to Barry finally getting round to starting his Blood Angels army. Top work mate!


Up next we have Dan P and his mob of undead skeletons, love the swords and shields which have been nicely done along with the lovely pinky coloured robes, which have been shaded and highlighted well to give maximum contrast and offsets the bone colours really nicely. Nice work Dan keep it up!


Next we have Dunk and his imperial guard AT-ST with blue and black action flash and his first squad of trooper. once again a lovely job to keep the same great looking theme as the rest of the army. With nice crisp lines and shading these models have been painted to a high standard and its nice to see him spending more time working on the same army for once! top work Dunk!

Next we have Greg and his Raven Guard Primaris marine with some lovely looking pallid flesh it really sets the tone of the Raven Guard. This paint job is nice and crisp with really neat highlights this has really captured the image of a son of Deliverance. nice work Greg!

greg rm

Next we have Hannah who has been continuing her exploration into the Hobbit with this great looking Gimli . With some great work on the robes, gloves and chain mail she has  really captured the essence of the character.  Hannah’s painting is really coming on leaps and bounds and we look forward to the next instalment from her painting desk. great work, keep it up!


Next we have Joel and his fantastic looking Heresy era Imperial Fists Cerebus and Vindicator. What i really love about the Cerebus is the alternative grey and yellow scheme really works well to break up the rest of his army. With some great weathering these tanks are looking fantastic and we cant wait to see this legion all lined up and ready for war! top work once again Joel

Next we have John and his iron Warriors Deimos pattern rhino that he also painted on the painting course. Up for painting an easy paint scheme john opted for silver but has learnt how to create contrast within the silver and weather the armour to give it points of interest along with some fine looking hazard stripes Dan Adams will be proud! great work dude!

Next we have Jimmy and his Salamaners Deimos pattern rhino pattern rhino. once again Jimmy has produced a great looking model but this time using the techniques he learnt on the painting course to try and push his already excellent skills. Great looking weathering and alongside great transitions makes this once again an excellent looking vehicle for his expanding Sallies force!

next we have Luke and a fantastic collection of minis, first of demon prince Magnus which looks absolutely stunning with some great blending on the skin and the feathers this really is some top work Luke! But not only content with that he’s also painted up a spartan and some nurgley zombies which both look awesome!!! Looking forward to see more of his

A continuación tenemos a Mr Marlow y otra excelente colección de personajes. Mr Marlow realmente ha estado pasando su tiempo afinando sus habilidades para trabajar en áreas difíciles como tonos de piel, ojos y ropa para tratar de obtener mezclas suaves e interés en cada modelo. ¡Es evidente que esta práctica está dando sus frutos ya que puede ver el salto de mejoras cada mes! los ojos particularmente en este lote han sido bien hechos. excelente trabajo señor, sigan así!

Next we have Matt I and his retro looking Leman Russ painted up for his Genestealer cults. Matt has done an excellent job of giving a clean look to his model that has the classic style , which i think looks awesome! great work on the camo and highlighting! looking forward to next months instalment of the cults Matt!


Next we have Neil and a really grim looking scheme for another 40k army, this time some Tyrannids, which have been painted really nicely with the blending of the green to yellow on the carapace armour. Neil has also thrown in a nicely painted yet angry looking Mongolian fighting chap who looks like he got out the wrong side of his yurt this morning!  As always top work Neil!

Up next we have Paul who has been working on some more terrain and this once again looks blooming lovely! Paul seems to have penchant for building and painting terrain and he really does a great job of it. Paul also painted a rhino on the course but then decided to go home and strip it to start again… he just loves painting that much! He teased us with a fully painted word bearers unit, hopefully he makes a start on them soon!

Next we have Pete and his Dakka Blood Angels Predator that he painted on the painting course with some great transitions dark to light this tank really stands out for its great paint job…. and because it has more guns than the Mask! I really don’t want to be facing this predator squadron on the table top with its million and one rending shots!! nice work Pete we look forward to seeing some of your other blood angel vehicles you have been working on!Image result for the mask lots of guns

Up next we have Skulls for the Skull god Sam and his Skull covered rhino that he also painted on the recent painting course…. and then covered it in skulls! this is a great looking inquisition rhino and will be part of a larger skull covered army Sam has been working on. great work Sam we look forward to seeing the next lot!

Up next we have have Si who has finally got round to painting a Blood Angels command squad for Pete, which he asked him to do 6 months ago. The power weapons look nice with a bright contrast against the red of the armour. Si has also knocked up 3 60mm display bases for some vorax which he intends to paint next month.

next we have Tom and another Blood Angels deimos rhino that he painted on the recent  course. What i really love about this rhino is the deep rich red he has managed to accomplish which is suitable complimented by the black hatch and subtle levels of weathering. We know that Tom has put his Blood Angels on the back burner for now as he works his way through his mechanicum army and we hope he has them complete for the next showcase.


and finally we have Steve P and his world eaters deimos pattern rhino that he also painted on the recent course. Steve has amassed a large World Eaters army in grey lastic and resin, so hopefully this will be the kickstart he needs to get himself up and running with his airbrush and start picking up and painting his models. His rhino has been painted really well for white which is a tricky colour to do and the weathering looks excellent and really gives the character of a world eaters vehicle!

so that is it for the show case and 2017. we hope you had a festive season and wish you all a very happy hobby new year! and like Sr Marlow likes to say:

“agarra al toro por los testículos y destrúyelo para asegurar que la mejor vida tenga para ti. ¡YOLO!”


November Painting Showcase

nov logo

Welcome to another monthly round up of what the Spartans have been doing in the month of November. Once again we have lots to show off from all the boys and girls down the club. Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it.

First up we have John and his incredibly awesome piece of work he completed for the monthly iron painter competition. There so much going on in this diorama that has been done to such a high standard that its difficult to pick out a favourite bit. So i’m just going to let you marvel in its awesomeness as every time you look you notice something different! Its nice to see John do some hobby as when he puts his mind to it, it doesn’t come out half bad… excellent stuff mate lets see what next month brings!


Next we have the prolific Jimmy and his ever increasing and increasingly splendid Salamaders heresy era army. Fresh from achieving best painted at a recent Horus Heresy event these Sallies are now an award winning army that he really should be proud of. Some things of note are the hand painted scratches on the Proteus look awesome and the las destroyers are extremely well done but i think ,more impressive is that is one of the best Vulkans i’ve seen… top work Jimmy looking forward to next month!


Up next we have Barry and his very anime looking blue haired, muscle chap in damaged clothes. Obviously this guy is a bit down on his luck and has been earning money through the illegal fight circuit in a similar vein to the majority of Jean Claude Van Dam movies. Great flesh tones to give a depth to the muscle definition and best of all its on a great little base which ties it all together. Its nice to see Barry finish a model for once and we hope that he can finish some more next month.  great work Baranoid!


Up next we have Dan P and his Guild ball farmers team and others, these are looking really nice with some excellent colour choices which really help to make the models pop and stand out. I Really like the scenery pieces that have been nicely done, which  add a nice atmospheric touch to the collection of models. Great work Dan looking forward to some more of your work next month.


¡A continuación tenemos a Mr Marlow y su extraña criatura caballero lagarto! Los metálicos han sido muy bien hechos y las escamas rojas también han sido pintadas con cuidado y detalle. Gran trabajo, Sr. Marlow, usted sigue mejorando cada mes y es realmente grandioso ver su progreso.


Next we have Joel and some really cool looking AoS models. The gold has been done very nicely along with the blue trim to give a very clean and well painted finish to these chaps. The face has also been done very well and they are all nicely finished off with cool looking bases that tie them all in together…. that’s the key to a good looking model: bases and faces people!


next we have Si who has managed to be a little more productive towards the end of the month and finished Dyson’s Alchemist team and made a start on Dan’s Blacksmiths team. Si has been trying to improve his flesh tones and we think they have come out very well on the guy in the grey outfit.


Onto the next entry with Pilgrims Guild ball farmers and these are looking really nice and would benefit from a second photo from a different angel to help show off the paint job he has done on these models. The pumpkins have come out really nicely along with the clothes and yellow tones. Top work Dan keep it up.


Next we have Neil and some excellent looking Adeptus Mechanicus, Primaris Marines and an extremely vibrant orc! Love the OSL on the mech guys along with the weathered martian tracks to help give a feel for the red planet. The orc flesh looks spectacular and the snowy base really helps to maximise the contrast of the model. Top work as always Neil!! looking forward to next month!


Next we have Matt I with a lovely looking Genestealer, the first thing of note is the great effort he has put into the highlighting of each section and area of the model. They second thing of note is the rusty pipe he is perched upon as this looks so realistic and really adds a great contrast to purple and blues bit also a sense of realism to the overall model. If Matt can keep this up for a whole army then they are going to look spectacular!

matt i

Next we have Dunk and yet another new army, this time a collection of imperial guard. loving the paint scheme for this army with the simplistic yet really striking camo patterns on the vehicles it really adds to the theme of the army. Not sure if this is a full army or an allied detachment but its looking pretty sweet wither way.


Last and definitely least we have one armed knife man painted by the short loud manchild. Two things that really stand out for me are the bottle on his hip which is a lovely colour and once again the lovely and really well painted tartan that he has managed to successfully incorporate into each of his models in his humans blood bowl team. Top work once again Gareth!


So there we have it another month done and a fairly quiet one in comparison to recent months but fortunately the quality has not dropped off at all…. and as Sr. Marlow likes to say:
¡No es del tamaño del perro en la pelea, es la cantidad de balas en la revista que hace caer a la perra!

October Painting Showcase

Welcome to another monthly round up of what the Spartans have been doing in the month of October. Once again we have lots to show off from all the boys and girls down the club. Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it.

first up we Pete and his loverrrrly looking Blood Angels Deredeo. Pete has put the skills he learnt on the MKA course to great use and made some great transitions on the red to give depth to the model. Love the contrasting blue helmet to tie in the rest of his army, and with some realistic weathering this is an awesome piece of work. This is gonna look bad ass on the tabletop!


Next we have a first time entrant with Demetri and his harlequins. excellent work on the diamonds which as we know are a really tricky skill to pull off. these look absolutely stunning mate really top work well done! we look forward to seeing more of these as the army grows!


Next we Dunk and for the first time ever i think he has painted the same army 2 months in a row… and its more of his fantastic looking nurgle deathguard. These are coming along really nicely i especially love the tank that looks like a mouldy entrant from robot wars, Craig Charles would be proud! top stuff Dunk keep it up


So up next we have Rob and his Khornate champion who has a done a lovely job on the metallics and added some good contrast to the model with nice looking skulls which can sometimes be a pain to get right. Also love the base with the battered remains of a marine on there… really nice stuff Rob keep it up!

Next we have Paul and another boatload of minis hes done this month… The eldar flyer looks spectacular, which fits in nicely with his existing pristine looking army of cheese. We also have some lovely Blood bowl models as well which look really nice especially the dwarf wheel barrow.. Well done mate another high quantity and quality month!

Up next we have Matt I with an excellent looking mob of genestealer cult, he has matched the scheme perfectly and they look really nice on the scenic bases he’s used. Hopefully we can see these down the club sometime soon. He has also included a picture of his chilled zombie cat, which did manage to distract him from getting more done!

a continuación tenemos a Mr Marlow y su colección de hermosas doncellas guerreras. Es obvio ver que el Sr. Marlow ha estado practicando sus ojos, tonos de piel y mezcla ya que esta es su materia más suave hasta el momento. También me gusta el trabajo que se ha realizado en la tela para agregar la profundidad extra a los modelos. ¡Bien hecho compañero estas cosas geniales!

Up next we have Luke who has been busying himself building some lava based terrain for his angry ugly looking green dudes. Really like the lava effect he created here and has done well to make rocks look like rocks. I have no idea who the green chaps are but they look very happy with there new piece of terrain and so they should, top work Luke!

So on to Lewis and some more nurgley goodness, he decided to repaint his hellbrute from a crimson slaughter into the beast you see before you and i think you will agree he made a very wise decision as it looks awesome.. great flesh tones!! He has also finished a nurgle champion, which i think looks amazing, very crisp and neat offset with a great looking thematic base… well done Lewis!

Next we have Jimmy and some more of his stunning looking Sallies, this time in the form of a deredeo and a leviathan. I think he has got both models posed nice and dynamically which adds to the presentation of what is clearly very high standard of painting. love the bases as well, with skulls and enough interest to stand out but not detract from the pieces. top drawer as always Jim!

Next we Have John P, who has gone from zero hobby and ‘i’ll get my girlfriend to paint it for me’ to entering a fortnightly painting challenge which has now taken over his life and forcing him to learn and push his new skills. his month is no exception, which a truly wonderful base for this well painted muscle bound spear fisherman to catalogue pose on the top of a rock. excellent resin skills dude, looking forward to next months efforts.


Next we have Matt Hobbit who has been working on some Gundabad Trolls, Bolg with Gundabad Captains and Gundabad Beserkers, and Gundabad Ogres and i can tell you theres nothing Gunda-bad about them as they look awesome! really nice flesh tones and metallics on them all. plus they are really cool looking models! top drawer sir (shame you cant reach it)