May & June Painting showcase

Welcome to the long awaited bumper 2 month showcase which is bigger than a portion of Barry’s Sunday dinner and twice as tasty!! so lets forget and skip the usual pre-amble and get straight into what the nerds at the Spartans have been working on in May and June working our way through in alphabetical order!

First up we have Alex with some awesome looking sisters of battle, i love the use of the flowers on the bases to create maximum interest and and contrast from the armour and robes. very nicely done in a very crisp and well executed paint job, really nice work fella!

next we have Chris and some really nice looking Xenos in the form of the the necrons and i really like the way he has painted up the green, its so vibrant and really draws the eye to all the interesting points. Nice work once again buddy!

Onto the next entry with Dan G and a lovely little collection of minis and month on month the quality is steadily improving and he is knocking out some awesome bits and pieces. great dude in the cloak and flesh tones and the ork shield looks fab!

Another Daniel this times its Dan P who has been working on some Lannisters and has done a fantastic job with these chaps and really like the feathered helmets and the depth to the crimson robes. lovely stuff bud!

Holy moly Batman a 3rd Daniel with Dan King and another cool looking collection of minis from a range of systems. But lets just stop and applaud his first attempt at NMM with the sister of silence …. well played sir!!! lovely looking models as always mate! P.s. the titan is baller AF

Next we have the lovely Dunk with a plethora of pleasure for the eyes. Some nice titanicus but some more if his heavily converted and very well executed dark mechanicum demonstrating some top drawer level of conversion and greenstuff work! these are sooo good!

Up next is Graham and some excellent looking zombie blood bowlers and some fantastic looking necrotic flesh tones and crisply painted football jerseys and pads. Defo one of my fave bloodbowl teams i have seen painted up, nicely done sir!

Following that we have Joao and his mission to paint up white Eldar… well shit me it looks great! Love the use of subtle colours on the colour pallete to create a non-white white armour. technically very cool and executed very well. nicve work all round buddy!

Next we have Jon and some cracking looking orks of the larger variety and he has really made them look like the menacing green skins they’ve been portrayed in the heresy novels. great work on the flesh and also the heat blooms on the guns and weathered armour… very nice bud!

Next we have Kieran and some more of his sisters of battle, this time Celestine and her 2 body guards… great looking blue on the wings and heat effect of the sword against the shiny armour. a very cool looking scheme and nicely painted, well done!

Now onto Liam with the start of his chaos army and i love the deep red scheme offset with the blue and cream, which give a great accent colour to the golden trim. a very nice looking start to his force and we look forward to more of it to come!

Now we have Luke and a very proficient looking apothecary with a neat and crisp paint job. Great looking white armour, which as we all know is difficult to pull off but you’ve smashed it mate! it looks awesome!

Up next we have mark F and another menagerie of madness and exotic models. Love the undead horserider dude and the use of the turquosie and red in the black looking death mount. especially in comparison to the bright chaos demons! lovely stuff once again bud.

A la siguiente entrada con Senor Marlow y algunos más de sus súper fabulosos Eldar de Bieltan, todo lo cual está cubierto con algo glorioso a mano alzada. este es un trabajo realmente fantástico, amigo … ¡me encanta!

Next we have Matt with some sublime looking undead soldiers wrapped in torn red robes and some very worn and weathered armour that has some awesome rust effect and Verdigris to give a suitably battered and weathered effect to the skeletal models… fantastic work!

On to Matthew with some more of his fantastic dirty Tau and and the orange and grey colour scheme and with some very clean edge highlights it really helps to create definition across the model and he’s also thrown in some lovely looking blood Angels for good measure… lovely jubbly!

Next up is Neil and some lovely looking iron warriors with a fantastic dirty oiled metallic scheme to give a nice grimy appearance to the silver that makes it battle worn and weathered. Very neat hazard stripes across the shoulder pads and some subtle osl on the plasma rifles. very cool work as always buddy!!

Next we have Oliver who has made a start on a trio of titanicus loveliness with a fantastic blue and white scheme offset nicely by the mars red bases. These look so good and its really making want to get mine out and make a start on them and play some games, lets hope we see these in the flesh soon!

Now we have Paul and a huge amount of entries that he’s been beavering away at for the last few months… and they look fookin’ great! such an eclectic mix of models all painted to an incredibly high standard love the bike chaplain and the transitions on the Necron monument thingy and the rapto primaris look fantastic and i know there’s some more of those beauties to come in the next showcase! seriously amazing work here bud!

Next up is Phil with his take on some solar aux and a nice and muted and battle worn armour and paint scheme. the tanks look fantastic with subtle weathering and love the bases as well, which make these look a very cool and unique looking force! lovely stuff mate

On to Rob now with some more of his very cool looking dino warriors in some awesome vibrant colours that really make each unit stand out. Love the colour pallet across each lizard and the use of flowers and shrubs on the bases and he’s also finished up some more of his orks with some great looking flesh tones nice work dude!

and saving some of the best til last we have Samuel with a fine collection of mini’s and Samuel’s skills are growing from strength to strength each month in front of our eyes! great blending on the power sword and the blending across each model is really on point and the freehand is spot on… these are exceptional mate, we look forward in earnest to your next months entry!!

so there we have it for May and June and i’m just exhausted with pleasure looking at these beauties… i haven’t seen this many sexy models since i accidentally walked into an Abercrombie and Fitch!

so until next time i will leave you with a little health update from senor Marlow!

He estado sufriendo de latigazo cervical. Me coloqué un collarín hace 6 meses … ¡no he mirado atrás desde entonces!


Alo, Hola, Hello, guten tag, bonjour, ni hao and welcome to another monthly round up of all the painted goodness the nerds down the spartans have been working on for the month of April. First up let me apologise for the very lateness of it all as life’s been a tad busy in May. As always you can click on the pics for a closer look so without further ado lets get cracking as we have another bumper month to get through!

first up we have Simon K with some very cool Marvel chibi’s with some great shading in the toon stylee across each of the models using the flat shading technique to really create a cool and subtle interest. These are very well executed and add a nice bit of cuteness to this months showcase… loverly stuff mate!

Next we have Samuel with an excellently painted Black Templar primaris marine in such a very well done ‘Eavy Metal style paint job that looks so professional. great work on the black and highlights and the OSL on the plasma weapon. All of which looks even better with some fantastic camera skills and great light on the pictures. all in all a very top job!

Next we have Will with a very cool demo model for his ‘Munda force. Love the darker skin which is notoriously difficult to master and this has been nicely contrasted with some extreme colours from the blended flame coloured hair and the vibrant pink with OSL from the plasma gun which looks triffic! great stuff buddy!

next we have Rob with some lovely looking warhound titans for his house Audax Titanicus with great looking snowy bases and fantastic paint job to create that distinct mottled deep red armour and great looking golden trim and metallics across each model. these really make me want to paint my own up… great stuff bud!

Next we have Paul with another very cool sicaran fast attack tank for his blood angels army. Great red panelling across the model with lovely black trim and metal work and the edge highlights across the model are so neat and crisp. great work buddy!

Next we have Dan K with an awesome collection of work this month with more of his WW2 models and necromunda and some other gruesome mutants. Dan’s really levelling up each month with his painting and the flesh tones of the genestealer cults and the camo work proves it… some awesome stuff here dude!

Next we have Adrian with some rather cool looking wildlife with a grizzly bear and its brown fur to the stalking leopard with some excellent looking spots across the body, which have been well placed and executed. nicely done dude!

Next we have Matthew with more of his dirty Tau with some cool use of washes to create a battered looking armour and the green trim really adds a dash of colour to create interest. but what i love most is the little dead dude at his feet on the base, great once again buddy!

Next up is Alex with an nice looking Sisters rhino with some very clean and polished armour panels and edge highlights across the surface area of the model and some nice golds and white accent colours to bring interest and a regal feel to the model… nice work dude!

Next we have Marlow with some more of his very cool and retro looking Eldar army with vibrant green and white scheme and once again some excellent free hand which he has now building quite a reputation for. Very very cool looking work buddy!

Next we have Barry with another neon beauty of futuristic and epic proportions, not sure i can say anything new that would add to the glowing superlatives i have already used to describe this paint scheme… so i will use Barry’s favourite “wowsers!” such good transitions between the colours, love this.

Next we have Mark F who once again has smashed out a whole new army this month and this time its some very sexy looking salamanders with a beautiful falchion and a variety of marines and flyers where he’s captured the muted green perfectly with just the right amount of weathering and effects, very lovely work buddy!

Up next we have Andrew who has been working on a very metallic scheme for his primaris marine. The yellow accent colour really works well against the silvers and gold. Great work on the flesh tones and hair which is all in all a very well polished paint job! great work dude.

Next we have Luke with a very cool warlord titan for his titanicus with an awesome vibrant sky blue and white panels with very smooth transitions across each panel and i love the use of the red to offset the and focus the attention of the gargant. lovely work!

Next we have Chris and some more of his super cool looking Blood Angels, great edge highlights across each model for a very crisp finish. Love the deep red with the black accent colour to cfreate a very visually striking looking army… which must be looking awesome on the table top by now as it continues to grow!

Next we have Kieran and more of his lovely sisters in the really cool blue and silver scheme. great flesh tones and fire effects to add interest to the units and some cool work on the power swords to make a very cool looking unit! great work bud!

next we have Dunkers and some nice looking titancus models for his new force, great muted green colour with solid choices of accent colours for an understated but extremely well painted scheme. nice subtle weathering across each model and nicely posed as well. great stuff for starters, i’m sure we will see more soon!

next we have Joao with a splendid circle of Romans painted really nicely with the silvers and deep reds of the shields with the gold trim but i really love the base as it ties everything together to create a dynamic feel especially as they are positioned in such a way, great stuff dude!

Up next we have Dan G who really seems to be jumping up in levels in his painting each month. Love the dog with some great fur effects and the flesh tones on the dude are really nice. Like the clawed hands on the assassin looking chap, all in all some nice work bud.

Next we have James and james doing what James does best… making everything orky as fook! love this idea with some great work into making a very retro looking gargant with the base model of a warhound used to achieve this amazing construct. Lovely work here buddy very creative and very well done!

And last but in no way least we have Dan T with some very cool looking bloodbowl players from the great looking flesh tones of the ogre and halflings to the red leather and great metallics and love the grass bases for the halflings in a very cool green and yellow kit reminiscent of the Newton Heath kits of old. Lovely looking teams with lots of character! love these!

so there we haver it for another month and a seriously excellent collection of entries once again… sorry it was so late but lifes been a bit busy. so until next time Hasta la vista baby!


Well here we go again with another run down of some excellent pieces of individual hobby from all the Lads and Lasses from the Spartans during the month of March. These showcases seem to be getting bigger and better each month! remember you can always click on individual pictures for a close up, so without further ado lets get on with the show…case!

First up we have Si who has continued working on his Heresy era Dark Angels and has based a couple of units on some 90’s and rogue trader era artwork to bring back some retro feels to his force. He also knocked up a termite to carry some interemptors to battle and a Praevian character to lead a unit of Vorax. He really spent some time on the faces to get some nice smooth flesh tones.

Next we have Neil with some kick ass 40K Iron Warriors with a sublime amount of perfectly executed hazard stripes across each model to give that really cool aesthetic. Really good use of the Martian red bases for max contrast along with some subtle but excellent weathering across the armour panels… once again stunning stuff from our favourite Lumberjack!

Next we have Will D who has painted up a super cool looking chaplain on a super cool batman bike. nice work on the leather bound book and the gold trim. He’s also knocked up a really sci-fi punk looking sister of battle and love the outrageous in your face neon green wig to really grab your attention to the model for a unique look. great work bud!

Up next we have Tony with some more of his really cool looking Bushido model, which i think you will agree is absolutely smoking! great transitions from the blue to the green and achieved that classic oriental styled colour palette. He’s also nicely picked out the details to create a very cool looking mini, lovely stuff buddy!

up Next its Rob with 2 more tanks for his Vostoyan guard army in with nice use of the red trim against the dirty white camo of the armour panels. Robs also started another new army and this one is the form of some lizard men and some awesome looking skinks and i love the giant ankylosaurus’ colour choices and the vibrant green looks great and is a nice contrast against the browns and oranges of the bases, which again look tremendous! nice work bud!

Next is Samuel with a skaven rat wizard and a chaos warrior… Samuel has recently trying to push his painting skills and was playing around with OSL from the green ball of energy, which looks great. Love the white fur choice against the bright red and blue for max contrast. Also love the chaos warrior with the choice of the deep green it just works so well with the muted brown of the cloak. some nice NMM silvers as well… awesome work once again bud!

Next we have Paul E with a super cool looking Sicaran for his Blood Angels, great work on the green lenses and the choice of black accent colour really helps to break up the red as well as the metallics with some worn effects and rusted tracks. this looks like a very accomplished looking model, top work bud!

next we have Nick with his finished Aliens game, which looks so good all of the aliens look so good especially the big queen and her carapace but what really stands out for me is the face hugger pods and the computer terminals as these have been executed so well…. in fact these models have really made me want to play this game, its just a shame Nick decided to move to a different part of the country!! great work bud i love these!

Next up we have Edd with some more of his Glorious 13th and what looks like a very busy month by painting up a reasonably sized forced with 5 dreadnoughts, 4 tanks and a lot of infantry all of which are looking fantastic! I love the different use of different armour marks across the units. The gold trim is really well done and the flesh and faces are spot on. very nice as always bud!!

Next we have Mark with 2 great looking characters with a nice shade of green used for the salamander and nicely blended flame effect and cool looking base it really screams Vulkans finest especially the charcoal skin and flame red eyes. The blood angel also looks really nice with a deep arterial red and contrasted well with the cream and gold. nice work as always bud.

Up next we have the industrious Joel and more of his new Heresy era Death Guard in the cream and olive green and brass trim. Such a well executed paint job with a very nice weathered paint job to capture the aesthetic of Barbaros’ warrior sons. lovely stuff Joel i really look forward to seeing this army expand.

Next we have Jack with some mutated chaos terminators and some great looking slime an decay affects painted across each model. love the impaled marine helmets and bone effects on the tusks and skulls and the blue is a nice contrast to it all. great work mate!

Next we have Graham an awesome friendly tree with jazz hands! love the work on the bark and the flocked base looks cool and i love the little critters climbing amongst the branches. He’s also painted up a rather dandy looking human bloodbowl team and these look fantastic, great flesh and faces across each model and the plumes are simply magnificent and the red and black has been highlighted well and the gold trim works well to tie them together, seriously good work bud!

Up next we have Chris with some more of his awesome looking Blood Angels this time with some Primaris in cool action poses. I love the use of the yellow to add a contrast colour to create interest with the red and black and armour. As we have come to expect from Chris the edge highlights are spot on and its a very crisp paint job all round… lovely stuff as always bud!

Next we have Dunkers who has taken a step away from the Nightlords for some hefty ogre action and some great looking fat lads with cool skin tones and rusted weapons in their matching denim jeans they look a bunch of geordies going to watch their beloved toon army! Great snowy bases add that extra level of detail but my absolute fave is the skeletal screaming demonic mammoth creature thingymabob… love the work on the bones and rotting fur great stuff bud!

Next we have Dan G with a very cool hunter model and for some reasons reminds me of the Wild Thornberry’s. great work on the leather and the blunderbuss rifle and the base really adds a sense of scene on such a small base and a cool looking face! nice work dude!

Next we have Alex who has finished off a really cool looking Necron army with some nice use of red and brass colours to offset the silver metallics and give a nice contrast between warm and cool colour choices especially with the use of the vibrant green throughout. We look forward to more entries from Alex in the future!

Next we have Oliver with a very cool Necron character, who has used lots of subtle colours to break up the silver metallics and and create contrast across the model. i really like the use of the blue on the staff and the purple orb and the white face contrasts well with the green insignias and symbols. Very cool work indeed!!

Next we have Laffan with some more of his kingdom of death models, a harlequin and a little gobbo. Love the dude with the giant sword and the blends along the blade and he has done some nice work on the cloak and on the armour for nice NMM effect. He’s also done some clever kitbashing on the Harlequin and the little gobbo is super sweet. very nice stuff bud and really like the step up in pushing your skills on the NMM, great stuff!

With a last minute entry we have Barry with some more of his futuristic looking dudes and the super cool, super neon, super duper paint scheme. Really nice transitions across the model and the placement of the light sources are spot on and the added orange light sources looks so good! this is absolutely stunning!

And bringing up the rear like he always does we have Kieran and some lovely looking ladies with the nice choice of the white and blue scheme and the use of a red accent colour makes the special characters look awesome! I really like the banner bearer in the simplistic stone effect and the bases are super cool as well. love these buddy!

so there we go for another month and once again a fantastic collection of artwork, so until next time get your hobby juices flowing and get something ready for Aprils showcase!


Welcome back to the latest instalment of hobby porn brought to you by the super nerds at the Spartans and a fine collection of models and its another BUMPER month, so without much pre-amble lets get straight into the awesomeness! Don’t forget you can click on the pictures for a closer look…

First up we have Chris with 2 excellent entries this month with a chaos lord of change and a primaris chaplain… lets start with the rather delicious demon. great choice of colours used for this model and some excellent blending and edging on the feathers and a very crisp paint job all round. The primaris chaplain again is a very clean and professional looking model, once again a very solid entry into the showcase buddy you should be very proud!

Next we have Joel with some awesome looking new projects he’s been working on. Love the new Heresy era death guard in their battered cream armour and bronzen trim. and with these bases it looks like they have been in thick of it on the black sands of Isstvaan 5, we defo look forward to more of these in future show cases. Joels also been working some stunning looking Iron Golems for his new war cry band… these have great looking TMM and leather work and are absolutely baller!

Next we have Karol with some awesome looking chaos warriors with some very cool looking TMM silver on the armour, shields and the chain mail with some cool brass effect as well. The bone on the helmet also has been very well done and these units look so good with all the mounted models together. great stuff! we look forward to more entries in the future!

Up next we have Luke who has been on an Eldar kick this month and completed a bevy of the almond eyed beauties. really love the colour schemes as it gives them a retro feel but have a lovely clean and crisp finish. Luke’s painting has always been a good painter but i feel he really has stepped it up a notch recently as these Eldar are tempting me into doing a small force and i love the sci-fi master chief-esq armoured hero’s and love the choice in colour pallet for the armour and accent colours, these are fantastic!