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Ho ho ho and welcome to a festive painting showcase, we hope you have enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones and your new toys. So here we have another monthly round up of hobby from the geeks and gals from the Spartans. So without further ado lets get on with it and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look.

So first up we have Rob and his new collection of Orky buggies and bikes, which are looking fantastic with nice vibrant colours and dirty metallics. Rob has spent time on the flesh and it looks great giving the subtle highlights and shadows to help make the model pop against the reds and yellows of the buggy.  Also love the dirt on the bases, top work bud.

Up next we have a rather cheeky entry from Luke and a seriously cool looking Slaaneshi six titted, sword armed psychopathic seductress called Deborah. Lovely skin tones across the whole model and great depth added through the highlights and the shadows and some nice neat highlights on the swords and antlers. this looks so cool i really want to see her in the flesh and fondle her piggie style nipples. There’s no higher praise than that!

Luego tenemos al Sr. Marlow y una fantástica colección de varias entradas, incluida la beca del anillo (¡otra vez!) Y algunos grandes minis de DnD. Realmente me gusta la máquina mech azul con las ventanas teñidas de rojo que han sido muy bien hechas. ¡Pero mi favorito absoluto es el conejo de Jessica pintado seductoramente en el costado del avión! ¡Eso se ve increíble! Los Orlocks también tienen un esquema único pero excelente que los hace sobresalir y un gran jb en los ojos. ¡Me encantan las entradas de este mes, Sr. Marlow, son jodidamente maravillosas!

Next we have DJ and some fierce superwomen he painted up for his daughters for Christmas presents. These look super duper and some great contrasts and highlights across the flesh and fabrics, i’m sure the girls will be extremely happy with these stocking fillers! Nice work Super dad.

Next we have Dan G and a great looking ghost that is carrying its own hangman’s noose. Love the wood effect and the rope as they have been highlighted really well to give a realistic feel alongside the spectral colours of the ghost. nice work Dan!!!


Up next we have Greggles and some lovely gothic terrain, which has been painted in a rally nice grimy and realistic fashion but has been offset nicely with the vibrant mossy and grassy greens and the odd flowers. These are great looking terrain pieces that really makes the polka dot table cloth come to life!! Nice work mate.

On to the next entry with Dunk and his rather dashing 40K Death Guard all nurgley and lovely toothy maws. But i wanna focus on just how good the Genestealer cultists are looking!!! I know he has spent a lot of time on these and the flesh on the head looks insanely good with nice blends and liver spots and veins delicately painted in and highlighted up very nicely indeed. These are looking top banana!

Next we have Matt I and his lovely looking knight with all the guns, great work on the metallics to give some depth and great looking red armour plates that have been broken up with black panels and some well placed transfers. looks awesome mate!!

On to the next we have Paul E and his Dwarven character for a DnD campaign and a Blood Angels Librarian dreadnought. Love the bronzen armour of the little fella and the power weapons on the dreadnought look like they are sourcing with energy! lovely Stuff Paul, keep it up!

Next we have Si who actually managed to paint something in December, which was 2 of the Forge World Necromunda Hired Guns. He is hoping to finally get a gang finished to start playing some games in the new year. Si has focused on trying to improve his TMM and flesh tones and they have come out quite well.

Next we have Dan King and his lovely looking 40K Death Guard all chaosy and nurgley in his unique and distinct style which is a nice change up to the GW style of painting as it gives a real depth to the models with lots of nice little subtle pieces throughout each piece and really needs a closer look, love these mate!

Next we have Rich and his latest Guild ball team, which are looking really nice and the pics don’t do them justice as the fabrics and bases have been nicely done to give then to give them a really atmospheric look. Nice work bud i like the symmetry of the uniform across the team as it ties them all together.

Next up we have Phil and some seriously cool conversions to make a kill team of Eversor assassins, which is such a cool idea and they look so good together as a unit and have simple but dynamic poses. Phil has also painted up some cool looking Necromunda models i especially love the water gatherer and the scheme he’s used. Nice to see some models painted up by Phil! lovely stuff!

Next we have Matt and some ridiculously good looking Custodes that he’s been working on for some time. The gold is so deep and rich and complimented nicely with the purple plumes. Love the power claw’s electric blue that’s been so smoothly blended but absolutely love the cloaks with the freehand detail, so go back and have a closer look at them!! Love it Mat cant wait to see the full army on the tabletop soon!!

Next is Kieran and a lovely looking dude with some nice dark rich tones and lovely edge highlights to break up the model. Lovely looking jewel/crystal painted up and i like the decayed look to the sword. good work mate!

once again a great collection of entries for the end of 2018. So happy new year everyone and we hope to see more great entries in 2019. So once and for all for 2018 i will leave you with another gem from Sr. Marlow.

Si las mujeres beben un vaso de vino tinto, aumenta la posibilidad de un derrame cerebral. Si ella bebe toda la botella, podría incluso chuparla un poco.



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A rather late welcome to another monthly round up of Novembers hobby goodness from all the geeks and gals in at the home of the Spartans. Its another bumper month with nice variety of game systems and models on offer. Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it…

First up we have DJ with a kings ransom of entries on his own… there’s so much hobby here to look through its extremely difficult to pick out individual highlights but the Batman model looks just like the comic book art and the Minotaur with the axe looks awesome but really you should just spend your time having a look through this catalogue of goodness! A very high quality and productive month for DJ!!

Next we have Charlie and his first entry into the showcase with a fantastic looking marine with nice subtle NMM across the figure along with some lovely patterned freehand and OSL from the plasma gun to really give a sense of atmosphere. All in all a very technical paint job that looks incredible! well played sir, very well played!!

Up next we have Dan King with a great looking collection of Escher gangers and Chaos space marine and Land raider. Love the vibrant pink and blue scheme and varying flesh tones and compared against the very dark and necrotic chaos marines. These look very accomplished paint jobs and Dan’s work is getting better and better each month! keep it up bud!

Next we have Dan G and smashing looking Sigmarine painted in a lovely contrasting green and ivory trim which really works well against the golden armour. Great work Dan lets see what you’ve got next month!


Next up is Dom and some more golden armoured hero’s with some nice golden armour that has a rich depth to it and complimented nicely by the blue gems and red plumes, which help to break up the gold and they look great mounted on their bases!

Next we have Dunk and a rather splendid collection of 30K death Guard and some DND minis. Love the flame throwing Gecko as they have great skin tones and Dunk’s done a great job on the colour on the flames. The Death Guard are as we would expect them to be from Dunk which is to their usual high standards, with some great weathering on the land raider and a bunch of lovely terminators.  And also a fantastic looking beholder with great teeth and gums but most of all the eye ball looks awesome!!!! Great month of Hobby from the Dunkster!

Next up is Greg and some really well executed two-tone marines with nice crisp lines and edge highlights they look very neat. The red and black had been tied together nicely with the yellow trim and all in all a very cool colour scheme and great paint job! look forward to seeing more in the future.

on to the next entry with Ian and his vibrant test model for his upcoming 40K army and i love the bright contrasting blue carapace and orange flesh tones to give a truly unique scheme and will look awesome on the table top. Lovely stuff Ian we look forward to more of these gribblies being painted up.

Now onto Jonny with an awesome looking presentation tray of his WW2 force for a recent event, which really adds a fuck load of the wow factor and ties the whole army together as a collection. This really is a top drawer level of presentation and work and only adds to the stunning paint job he has produced for this entire force. Absolutely stunning bud!

Next we have Lawrence and a rather splendid collection of minis from a board game he’s been busy painting up. Its really nice to see lots of different types and styles of models on display and all of them have been finished to his usually high levels! I particularly like the Minotaur with the club as the flesh looks great! really nice stuff bud!

A las entradas del Sr. Marlow para noviembre con un hombre amarillo con un cañón de fuego rápido masivo. ¿Seguro que simplemente está sobre compensando algo? Una vez más, se hace un gran trabajo a mano alzada y los tonos de piel se ven muy bien. ¡bien hecho compañero!

Next we have Matthew as he continues with his primaris Blood Angels and once again these are looking fantastic with some nice clean edges and highlighting and i love the gore hanging off the the end of the gun to give a real filthy grim dark feel to the model and just oozes character like it oozes blood! Lovely stuff Matthew once again!

Up next we have Neil and some more of his awesome looking Tau with their distinct battle hardened grey colour scheme and complimentary blue OSL. The bases look really well done which also helps to add to the atmosphere of the models and this army is going to look stunning on the table top. He has also tried his hand at some Sigmarines and i have to say i absolutely love the worn bronze scheme which gives it so much more character, Awesome work Neil keep it up!

Next we have Paul E and a rather smashing Assassin he used in the Spaartanax Sedition. love the job of the base to give contrast against the black stealth suit of the model and helps to make it stand out. Nice work bud!

Next we have Paul D who is back to his highly productive best with a collection of Adeptus titanicus buildings, some objective markers and some orks bikers that look sublime with their duller dirty flesh tones, which i think give an oily biker feel to their overall appearance and finaly some ghouly ghosts which look great with some smooth transitions, lovely stuff Paul lovely stuff!

Up next we have Rob and a cracking selection of World Eaters, which look like they have been professionally photographed and they certainly stand out! great use of the transfers to create a great looking banner. Lots of lovely weathering and gore these look really nice and will be great additions to what is already a great looking force! Keep it up mate!

Next we have Tim and a random collection of adventuring figures, its nice to see him back involved with the hobby and painting minis again. some great flesh and fabrics done to make the models pop. lovely stuff Timmy we look forward to more from you soon!.

And last but not least we have Will with a splendid looking guildballer, which i’m loving the lead singer from Republica look to her hair and pouty features. Great work on the fabrics to give depth to the cloth and some lovely subtle NMM  work as well on the hammer and armour. This is a really nice looking piece of work. top stuff Will!


So there we have it a very very late and rushed showcase but despite the poor write ups the paint jobs themselves were still fantastic!!

Look out for Decembers showcase, coming hopefully very soon!! so until then i will leave you with a juicy piece of advice from Sr. Marlow.

¿Qué es peor que las hormigas en tus pantalones? Un tío


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Vienvenido to another monthly round up of the glorious hobby erotica that the nerds down the Spartans have been furiously mass producing for your voyeur-esk tendencies, so without much further a do here is the latest offerings. Remember you can always click on the pictures if you want a closer look at a photo and model.

So first off we Matthew Q and his first attempt at painting  models in over 19 years with a 40K Nurgley death Guard marines festering nicely. With super duper clean and tidy painting this is a fantastic effort and a resounding success on his return to the hobby. Particularly like the way he has painted up the fanged maw on the belly of the marine. we look forward to following Matthew’s painting journey as he finishes off more models over the next dew months! keep it up bud!

Next we have DJ and his long awaited return to the 40K universe with this rather splendid looking Howling Griffons Redemptor dreadnought and primaris marine. This is such an iconic and difficult scheme to master. However, Dj has absolutely nailed with such a clean and crisp finish to the models, which have some nicely painted metallics to break up the coloured panels. The other models are giant rat ogres with guns for paws and lovely bronzed flesh complimented by the yellow cloth and green wires. lovely stuff once again DJ and we look forward to the instalment!

A continuación tenemos al señor Marlow y una muestra bastante grande de la bondad de la afición. Sin duda, ha sido un pequeño castor ocupado y ha estado extendiendo sus habilidades de pintura al probar nuevas técnicas en toda la gama de modelos. ¡Las lentes en particular se han hecho realmente bien y el efecto de cuero ha sido bien ejecutado! ¡mantenga este nivel de esfuerzo en su compañero que ha avanzado a pasos agigantados en los últimos 6 meses!

Next we have Lawrence and a varied collection of beautiful looking minis, some even dating back to the 80’s. Love the nose and flesh blue hatted gnome and the green robes on pouty metal muscle man. The necromunda minis have been really painted to a high standard with a range of techniques used on the different gangs, like the colour shift paint on the Van Saar an the red flesh of the abhorrent just looks toppers!!! Awesome bud!

Next we have Neil who is another who jumps from army and project from month to month and this month he’s been working on his Tau for 40K. Some great use of OSL lighting to add interest to the grey colour scheme and i really like the fact Neil has gone in and added some weathering to the models, which often you don’t see in the 40K universe. with some great looking bases these filthy Tau looking like filthy Tau! great work as always fella!

Next we have Paul, who has surprised us all this month by only painting 1 model!! but to be fair it was a titan…. but then again its only at 8mm scale… but he has absolutely smashed it… so we’ll let him off! great use of the stripes to breakup the charcoal black and deep red of legio mortis and i really like the white head as a focal point for the model which is tied nicely to the white stripes on the shin pad. nicely planned and executed! Lovely stuff with a great pose as well!

Next we have Greg who attended an event this month and left it until the night before  In many ways much like a danger wank, Greg managed to leave it until the very last minute to paint his models. However, with only 24 hours to paint an army he has managed to pull it out the bag with a really cool scheme that is consistent across the whole force. While Greg may not feel this is hos best work due to rushing through it all, it just shows how far his painting has come on if he managed to paint to this standard in those conditions!!  well played sir!

Up next we have another wanker this time its Si and his 2 squads of heresy era Alpha Legion and a Guild Ball model he painted up for Dan. Si decided to kit-bash some of the Forge World’s Emperors children palatine blades models and added random alpha legion bits to them to use the dynamic poses as a 30K Legion weapon master vet squad with some cool purple swords to create a unique looking  unit.

Next we have Dan G and a variety of models lots of which will be used as part of his role playing adventures as models for characters in DnD using some guild ball models as the base, which actually suit quite nicely. Dan has also made foray into AOS with some spooky spectres and the green to white blends look good to create the ghostly effect. well done mate keep it up!

Next we have Jimmy and some splendid looking sons of Baal that he’s been working on as a commission for a mate. As with all of Jim’s work its super crisp and clean with perfect edge highlights. Whats really cool is the gold armour of the sanguinor and also his blue wings edged in white and the eye lenses are so neat throughout. it looks so regal and angelic you have no problem believing he’s a son of Sanguinius. As always mate these are cracking!

Next we have pox ridden Lewis and his Nurgley friends. It seems that Deah guard are a very popular choice at the moment and i can see why, with such cool models to try painting up in different styles. it means you can try different techniques across one model. Lovely looking necrotic flesh and buboes painted throughout the army and these have come out super well. I bet these look awesome on the table next to the rest of your death guard! we look forward to more next month!

Next we have a single pic from Ben of a crazed bearded gentleman riding what appears to be a giant eagle type bird. The flesh and especially the robes look really good and although there’s lots of browns on the model it looks like real fabric. Good job on the eyes, which as we all know can be particularly difficult to get accurately done but he has managed with gusto. hopefully we can see the full thing next time?!


Up next w have Jay and his entry into Guidfords armies on parade with his smashing looking lizardmen display and board. love the effort that has gone into making the board and for me is still one of the best hobby competitions GW engages in. He managed to pick up a silver for his efforts and all i can say is the winner must have been outstanding because Jay this looks awesome. we can see from the pic below that the bright colours and the scales have been done particularly well across the the whole army! great work buddy!


Next we have Tom with a picture of his tiny grots…. love the juxtaposition of the tribal warpaint against the necromnda bases. I personally love these models and the skin has been really nicely done especially making the warpaint look like warpaint rather than blue flesh, well done sir, well done!


Up next we have Jonny and some rather dashing WW2  bolt action Hungarians looking all splendid in their uniforms as they run across the battle field punching each other in the arm shouting “Yellow tank!” with some great painting on fabric and flesh the models are looking sweeeeeet!!! its nice to see a variety of models in this months show case! lovely stuff!!

Next we have Dan King with a lovely collage of  Orktober goodness!! With some great chequering across the armour in red and cream offers a sharp contrast against the green skin along with the lenses which is nicely offset with the blue marine helmet. This is a great effort from Dan and some of his nicest stuff to date! well done lad we look forward to more entries in the not too distant future!!

and last but not least we have Dom and a rather regal looking Blood Angel, who has been nicely kitbashed and painted with a lovely gold trim and offset with the white face, shoulder and cape to help balance between the red and the gold to make a cool pose and great looking sword. nice work bud!

so there we have it another fine example of hobby throbby from all involved so until next time i shall leave you with the immortal words of Snr Marlow…

¿Cómo hace Moisés su té? ¡Lo hebreo esa!


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Welcome to another monthly round up of hobby goodness from all the geeks and gals in at the home of the Spartans. Its another bumper month with nice variety of game systems and models on offer. Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it…

first up we have Dan King and his rather smashing looking selection of WW2  army fellows looking suitably brilliant in their camouflage and khakis. The bases also give a nice sense of realism as they hunker down in the mud of the battlefield. However, the pièce de résistance is the rather glorious weathered and realistic looking tank. Great work to dirty it up and make looking awesome!


Next we have Rob and some more savage looking creatures (obviously) LOTR orks and they look really nice with the brown reddish flesh and the white face paint to give them the character from the films. The bases are also very well done which again harks back to the film and creates a setting for the models. Rob has also had a go at some more iron warriors with a missile launcher sqaud… how very iron warriors! but they look great more of the same please Robert!


Next we have Steve F and a rather cool little Deadpool parody. love all the little details and touches to this model that really makes it stand out as humorous as well expertly painted. Very nice blends across the model and particularly think the blades have been done very well to give a reflective finish, which isn’t easy to accomplish. top drawer mate really superb work!! don’t really know what else to say apart from just feast your eyes on all of its glory!


Next we have Neil with some super duper looking 40K Death Guard and i absolutely love the fact he has gone with the heresy era aesthetic for the colour scheme as i think it lends itself nicely to the decay and rust effects he has expertly painted in their festering wounds. Great use of the turquoise to offset the rusty bronze on the metal areas. Neil has defo hit a purple patch with his painting at the minute as they are looking sooo good month after month. excellent stuff once again fella, lovely stuff!!


Up next we have Dan G with sparkly looking custodes jebike as he has gone for a completely unique cream scheme that helps to accentuate the gold and red of the rider. Not sure if this is going to be a full army or just a little side project but it would be nice to see a while army of these bad boys on the table top. nice work Dan lad.


On to the next nerd and we have Paul with a million pictures of his millions and millions of models that he’s painted for september. This time Paul has gone balls deep into adptus titanicus and he has pulled off some freaking awesome paint schemes for his Legio Mortis titans and house Malinax. these look great and the stripes and cheques of the shoulder and knee pads have been done so well. Rally looking forward to seeing this legio walk on the tabletop soon. These are fantastic Paul well done!


Next we have Dom and the start of his new Blood Angel army, who has painted up some lovely crisp red marines with creamy white shoulder pads. I think is his new kill team and the use of white on the helmets and tabard breaks up the red nicely and looks very regal with the gold trim and is a different but cool take on the Blood Angels colour scheme. The bases also look very nice and help to give the models character well done Dom.


Next we have Dunk and some more awesome looking Heresy era Death Guard with sicaran venator with great mud and chipping effects and suitably filthy streaks to give it a really realistic effect. Dunkers has also knocked up a few marines and i love the subtle nod to nurgle in the shoulder pads weathering effects, very cool! also a very tidy paint job which has been covered with an effective and appropriate level of weathering. as always top drawer mate!


Up next we have Ian and his Dwarven Ranger he has painted up as part of Dunkers latest Role Play experience. Love the vibrant ginger beard and how he has given a real depth and texture to it. along with some tidy metal trim work this dwarven ranger is looking hot to trot! Great work Ian we look forward to seeing him in action in the Tomb of Annihilation.


Next we have John and his recent entries for the Iron Painter competition. Which are very impressive for several reasons, least of all that John usually hobbies about as much as Marlow isn’t out pimping but also that dragon!! lovely transitions on the wings and great use of colours on the scales to create interest between the different greens. Topped off with a thematic base this things looks topper! John also painted up a little girl in a pink shellsuit… no one knows why and no one is allowed to ask! congratulations on getting 4 votes for this entry (seriously) we know just how competitive these painting competitions can be!  keep it up mate and we hope to see more from you soon!


Next we have Kieran and some lovely looking Javelins for his new and ever growing heresy era white scar army. These are particularly impressive considering he’s not using an airbrush to paint these models, which are looking great! Good use of the red as an accent colour to break up the white and add interest to the models. top stuff bud!


Next we have Si and some evidence that he has progressed further and deeper into nerdhood by painting and taking part in his first DnD experience with an Elven rogue standing on a log… fucking nerd! And some more of his Dark Angels this time a 10 man tac squad and a 10 man rotor cannon squad and 2 apothecaries for the augury scanner spam…. whoops that should say ‘feel no pain’. and they look, well black they look black and its hard to create interest with painting black!


Next we have Lawrence who has been painting something completely different in the form of some golden minotaurs with a lovely effect to give the gold a rich effect using colours to give warmth to the metal. Its been a few months since Lawrence showcased anything so its good to have him back and back with a bang indeed as these models look like ornaments you could pick up at the great museum in Luxor! Painting gold is easy but painting gold so it actually looks good is really difficult and Lawrence has nailed this!!! love ’em!


y finalmente, por último, pero no menos importante, tenemos a Mister Marlow y su espléndida colección de personajes de juego de rol Dragones y mazmorras. ¡Marlow ha estado trabajando muy duro en su pintura recientemente y se está mostrando realmente con la continuidad de modelos de gran apariencia mes a mes ahora! A Lovely MArlow realmente le gusta el trabajo de la bata ya que las mezclas mejoran cada mes. muchacho superior


So there we have it for September and another batch of awesome looking models… we hope this inspires you to pick up a brush and enter something for October regardless of ability this is just to share your hobby goodness to the world. so with that in mind i shall leave you with something that Marlow once said to me.

¿Cómo llamas a un hombre con un dedo de pie el caucho?






























Word up you beautiful nerds!!! Welcome to another monthly round up of hobby goodness. Whilst the nation was enjoying a relatively sunny summer the pasty geeks down the Spartans opted to shun the daylight and skin cancer to work on painting their models and wow do we have a bumper month for you.  Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it…


First up we have Neil and his Super duper Awesome looking Necromunda Goliaths that look like they’ve been working out in Mad Max’s gym then got all roided up and ready for a night out in Middlesbrough! i’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is hands down the best stuff Neil has ever painted and defo some of the best Goliaths out there in the world of the internet they are looking that good. The flesh is fantastic and the faces are spot on which really makes the models stand out. also love the camo effect on the trousers. These are stunning Neil well done!



Next we have Rob and some Heresy era Iron Warriors which are looking rather splendid in their metallic armour offset against the hazard stripes which have been painted very nicely. Its a great looking scheme and Rob has pulled it off magnificently to make a lovely looking first unit if what i assume is his new 30k army. He has also painted up Angry Ron the primarch of his beloved world eaters and he has done a great job with the chains and fur cloak painted nicely to offer contrast against the bronze of his armour. This is really a well painted effort worthy of the Red Angel himself. good work lad.



Next we have Dan G and some of his rather smashing Guild Ball figures that he’s been been working on, which have been painted in the usual drab farmer type clothes but there’s nothing drab about these model. One of them’s got wings made of serrated saws and another is a ghetto pumpkin man out of an 80’s horror movie! These are getting better each month, keep it up fella!



Next we have Edd and some rather splendid Titan Princeps, with some lovely looking freehand on each of the their tunics. However, the pictures don’t illustrate just how small these areas he has painted on, which is very impressive that they are so neat and well done. Also some lovely skin tones have been achieved to give a pallid look to the crewman working inside the titans! Lovely Stuff Edd we look forward to more of the same!


Next we have long time lurker Graham who spends most of his time in the shadows, wearing nothing but a long mac, waiting, just waiting until the time is right to pounce and whip out his …..lovely looking picture of 3 German aeroplanes flying over a Martian landscape… the bloody Luftwaffe are at it again! Really nice Mate and its nice to see you get involved we hope to see more from you in the coming months!


Next we have the prolific Paul and some rather dandy Bearers of the Word and some scary and slutty looking Escher hoochies! The Mahra Gal dread is so nice and such a cool model that it needs a cool paint job to do it justice! Also loving the marine hiding behind the banner, which itself has come out so well! And then he paints some lovely looking ladies, who could be mistaken for the swimwear models from hell… all bikinis and bazookas!! lovely stuff mate!



Next we have Dunkers and some more of his excellent looking heresy era Death Guard with a sassy looking contemptor posing like he’s an 80’s porn star about to deliver the killing thrust!! The greens on the shoulder have a great contrast against the ruined and rusted cream of the armour. The weathering effects on this and the rhino is absolutely stunning and its hard to believe Funky Dunky has only been airbrushing a month or so!! Also some nice OSL on the plasma heavy support squad! lovely lovely stuff!



Next we have the lovely Jimmy with even more lovely Orks he’s been painting as part of a commission for a mate’s shadespire unit. The flesh on the ork skin has been done so well with some neat blending between layers up to the final highlight to really give a smooth finish. The armour has some extremely neat edge highlighting… seriously who has the time for that! awesome stuff mate so neat and tidy!



On to the next entry we have Will and some more Guild Ball dudes, this time of the Blacksmiths variety. What is nice about these is that Will has introduced reds and bronze to the scheme to give a warm feel to their colour scheme and ties each of the models together to give a cohesive team image. Love the neat flesh on the faces as these models are notoriously lacking in detail so its difficult to make the faces appear interesting. top work all round mate!



A continuación tenemos al señor Marlow, que ha tenido un mes extremadamente ocupado pintando marines grandes de diferentes capítulos con algo de mano alzada realmente genial en las hombreras. ¡El señor Marlow también ha estado noqueando a algunos personajes de D & D para una próxima campaña que incluye un jengibre en particular y un enano escocés con los ojos vendados! ¡Pero él tiene una magnífica barba que ha sido buena para resaltar los diferentes mechones de cabello! Su pintura se ha nivelado recientemente ¡Señor!


Next we have Kieran who decided to take pictures of his new White Scar army at dusk, whilst the warm sunny sun was setting with a rouge tint, to give his army a dawn raid feel on the table top!! So if you like White Scars with pink armour then these are for you!! White is definitely one of the harder schemes to paint and he’s managed to achieve a nice clean finish to what is going to be a rather large army of bikes and we cant wait to see the finished army!!


Next we have Paul E with some Grey Knights that look like they have been celebrating a weekend at Brighton Pride in their rather snazzy go go Power Ranger uniforms. These will compliment his existing Power ranger force quite nicely and his mish mash of colours over a black base really makes them stand out. I’m pretty sure he painted them for some OP kill team action… cos you know that’s how he rolls!



Next we have Si with load of Guild Ball Blacksmiths that he has finally finished for Dan with the hazard stripes we Know Dan loves to put on everything, including his cornflakes! Si has also been working on both his heresy Era Alpha Legion and Dark Angels with some nice OSL and blending on the power swords to give them a bit of interest on the table top.


Next we have Anthony with a rather dapper looking chap from the First Legion, with some lovely looking winged ears that have been nicely done along with the robes that have a lovely clean finish and have been well painted. but what stands out to me the most is the TMM gold on the shoulder pads, which give depth to what can be a difficult effect to master cleanly bit he has done with gusto, well done bud a very lovely looking marine!



Next we have Dan King with some more lovely looking Escher ladies, with his own unique take on the colour scheme with a rather striking blue and pink ensemble which actually works really well and they almost look like a team form the classic Commodore 64 game ‘Speedball’ with just the bases to go these are gonna look absolutely splendid on the table top and we hope that with all these gangs kicking around Steve will get his finger out and write up a necromunda campaign for us to get involved with! Great work Dan.


And last but no means least we have Hannah and a lovely collection of golden samurai warriors and matching ponies. Love the striking purple and gold scheme on these and the nice clean lines across each of the models that she has managed to paint to give a unity and crisp finish to the unit. Hannah just has the bases to finish off to get them completely finished and ready for battle and we cant wait to see them in the flesh, top work!



so there we have it for another month of showing off some hobby progress and its been a productive month despite the heat so i have a feeling September will be even busier! So until then i will leave you with the immortal words of señor Marlow:
¿Qué le dijo el leproso a la prostituta?

Mantenga la propina!


logo july

Welcome to another monthly round up of what the nerds and nerdettes have been busy doing for what must have been the warmest July in recent decades and with the paint drying up on the brush straight from the pot we still have some fantastic hobby for you to peruse. Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it…

¡Primero tenemos a nuestro residente español / mexicano con unos malditos infantes de marina SPARTAN! Definitivamente, este es el mejor trabajo de pintura que ha hecho Mister Marlow hasta la fecha, incluso ha tenido un golpe en NMM y un excelente aspecto a mano alzada. ¡No hay suficientes superlativos para describir lo geniales que son! ¡El señor Malow también se ha casado con su amor de toda la vida y ha logrado pintar esto entre juegos jugosos de ocultar la salchicha! Serio bien hecho joven y felicitaciones por engancharse, ¡todos te deseamos una larga y feliz vida juntos! xxx


A late entry but straight in at number 2 is Neil with his marvelous Tony the Tiger Eldar and they are greeeeeaaaaat! in fact they are so good they leave me Shere Khan at the knees!!!!! (good old jungle book). i adore this scheme for 2 reasons 1) the grey goes well with the oranges and is very unique and 2) just how long it takes to do those tiger stripes on every helmet takes dedication to make them look so good… and i’m not lion! i also really like pose on the big dude 3rd down on the right, its such a model at the end of the runway pose.. like fucking look at me darling furs back in!!! awesome work as always Neil keep up the good work!!

Next we have Rob M and some more of his frothing world eaters, which we love to look at! this time he’s added some red butchers which look suitably bloody and gory which is what we expect from Angrons sons!. the dreadclaw has been nicely painted with clean lines and ready to drop mayhem on the battlefield below! I really like the techmarine, i can only imagine that as a world eaters techmarine he was like the cleverest kid in a remedial class and they sent him to Mars to learn and get away from the div kids before they drag him down to their level! very nicely done ROb

Up next we have Bill and some rather splendid looking deathwatch marines, which show off the full spectrum of chapters working together to fight the Xeno scum. You cant quite tell due to the poor picture quality but these are rather well done. lots of nice and neat highlights to make each character pop. Love the pallid skin of the raven guard chap, lovely looking bunch of dude Bill well don mate!

Up next we have Luke and some Heresy era Sons of Horus, which he has deliciously painted to match his kitchen tiles so his mum doesn’t mind them being left on the kitchen table during meal times. And what a lovely centre piece they make as they can be admired for their smooth transitions and shading whilst enjoying some chips, cheese and gravy or fish finger sandwiches. Just be careful not to add some weathering with the gravy! really really nice looking start to your 30k army mate and we look forward to more of these and seeing them on action soon!

Next we have Dan G who has been painting up some Guild ball Alchemists and has managed to create a lovely fire and smoke effect from the gent on the rights hands, which can be particularity difficult to manage but he has done so magnificently. The little serving bot has also been done rather well he looks like Jonny 5’s great granddad and i do hope he doesn’t drop that tray he’s holding it an awkward angle. but lovely glass effect on the vials, well done Dan keep it up young un!

Next we have Rob and rather spiffing looking lightning for his heresy era solar aux army that he is currently trying to finish for a big event in a few weeks time. Its quite tricky to create interest on dark paint schemes through weathering but he has mananged to pull it off by creating scorch marks and streak effects that give that realistic feel to the model. very impressive lad. we hope you can come down the club for a game some time when its all finished.


Next we have slam Dunk and another new Heresy era army, with his new foul and fabulous Death Guard. Dunkers has recently took the plunge to buy an airbrush and he has taken to it rather quickly and rather well and these beauties are proof of that. Lovely scheme with nice weathering across the whole of the infantry and the tank. the plow has been done well with some realistic mud effects and o also particularly like the scythe on the tac squad, which has been done very nicely indeedy! this is gonna be one super sweet looking army, when its finished and we cant wait for him to finish of the next batch of models!

Next we have Greg and some really nice looking scouts with sniper rifles, the cloaks have been done really nicely and the should pads are nice and crisp but the lenses are absolutely on point!!! the skitarii look awesome as well but the cream of the crop i feel is the vanguard vets, which are very clean and well painted to give that regal feel to them with their additional bling but also the paint style really suits these models. really really nice work Greg.

Next we have Dom and his lovely converted shield captain that was the hero of the Spaartanax Sedition. Dom has done a great job to make some subtle changes to the model and painted him up in that lovely vibrant Au colouring complimented nicely by the deep red of the cloak and misericordia. Nice work Dom and we look forward to seeing these at the weekend in Eastbourne!