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Welcome one and all to another monthly round up of all the hobby goodness that has been produced in the lockdown and over the Easter period. Once again it is another bumper month with lots of fantastic looking minis that have been produced so without further ado lets get cracking  remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look.

First up we have Barry who has not posted in a showcase for sometime and he’s back with a bang with his Guildball Shepherds and has produced some sterling work  on the rags, wool, leather and clothes and the giant goat is truly stunning. However, my favourite is the the smug looking pig, from his leather jacket to the colouring of his skin its really well done and realistic. Also have to mention the faces, which have done very well and the bases as they offer maximum contrast to the muted browns and beige’s and creates the feeling they are really up a mountain. Top work Barry it was worth the wait… lets hope its not another few years between his next showcase entry.

Next up we have Si who has been very busy with his Heresy era Dark Angels, ,completing a 10 man tac  squad and a particular focus on trying to improve his flesh and faces skills on a veteran squad using a variety of MK’s of armour to create interest with some non-uniformity. He also painted a lightning for Paul’s Raven Guard and some scenery for his Adeptus Titanicus bases.


Next we have Chris who has studiously been working away on his Blood Angels, this time with a primaris librarian, which is a very cool looking model and he has managed to create a slightly worn red leather effect on the robes and back pack. He has also made a captain smash with jump pack on another of his cool looking bases and has a lovely warn deep red armour. He’s also knocked out a librarian dreadnought and managed to match the same tones and feel as his primaris in a very well executed paint job. awesome work again buddy!


Up next we have Simon with some more Guildball shepherds and cutlass, who has done a really nice job introducing some blue into the colour pallet to add some interest and contrast against the wool. Simon’s also painted some nice flesh and faces but my favourite piece is cutlass with some great looking leather and metal work and the red robes, great work!


On to the next with Dan G and his collection of cooks from his latest Guildball team, where he’s done some nice work on the flesh tones and clothes and spent time on the bases yo give them a theme and uniform. Also nice work on the spearmans jacket, getting better each month Dan, keep it up!


Next we have Dan H with a lovely looking skaven rat chap which has some lovely looking metallics and blended colours especially for the green and the blue robes. This is a very clean and crisp well painted model and we cant wait to see more from Dan in the future!

dan h

Next we have Rob who has completed more of his bezerker Necromunda gang with all the chaosy stuff that he loves so much, love the poses he put on them especially the guy holding the spud masher! But his work on the hobbit minis are really well done with some great basing and i really like the work he’s done on the shields. nice work bud we look forward to more next month!


Next we have Dunk with some horrific looking models but with a paint job is anything but! Seriously creepy models have been given a suitably atmospheric paint job which is excellent as it really does give a creepy feel. Lovely blending and really well executed colour theory in the flesh to maximise the tones and subtle contrast and some great highlighting on the dress. all round a frighteningly good entry this month!


Next we have Paul E with the end of his 30K Blood Angel army he has been working on and has finished really quickly and to a good standard. This month he’s been very busy with a lovely looking Lightning, which has a crisp finish, An assault squad with their nice snowy bases and last but not least the Sire of the Legion, The Angel himself, Sanguinius! A lovely looking use of gold to maximise the sheen on the armour but i absolutely love his wings, nice work buddy!


Next we have Greg J and a fantastic looking Armiger knight walker with a lovely crisp paint job across the red and blue armour panels and trim. Also some great looking red lenses but once again he’s gone to town and made a lovely looking scenic base using green and flowers to make a lovely juxtaposition of the futuristic grim dark mechanical robot running through a meadow on a sunny summer afternoon. Lovely stuff buddy!


Next we have Paul D, who has still been working in the lockdown, otherwise this month would have been all about him at the rate he knocks stuff out! as it is he’s still done a load of  terrain pieces and in lots of detail as well. In particular the Tyranid in suspension is simply yummy and i love the consoles with all the little details and screens. And who doesn’t like a witty warning written on the side of an armed warhead! superb work mate as always!


Next we have Jake who has been just finished watching the Tiger King on Netflix  and has been heavily influenced by Joe Exotic’s lifestyle so much that he has grown a lockdown mullet, released a country and western album and also this rather dapper Imperial Guard Sentinel rocking a fantastic Tiger skin armour paint job like a sexy pair of animal print Y-fronts. All joking aside, i actually LOVE this and it has been executed exceptionally well with nice clean stripes across a nicely blended orange to tan fur colour and with the cute little paw prints on the back. The panelling contrasts superbly well against the black frame and armour so it really stands out…. love it!


Next we have Neil who has been churning out more of his Sigmarines in that beautiful burnished gold scheme with the muted blue trim, I’ve said it before but its one of the best schemes i’ve seen in terms of a tarnished gold armour thats been worn throughout battle. Great snowy bases as well to tie the model together and give character to the unit. Also love the standard with the skeleton and skulls and the green hour glass for a lovely little touch. awesome as always bud!


Up Next we have Jimmy who has been working so hard for the last year he’s not been able to paint as much as we all would like but he’s managed to knock up a master of signal for his 30K sallies and once again it s imply stunning. He has the smoothest and crispest lines and edge highlights you will ever see and those screens and blended to perfection!. awesome work bud!


Next we have Mat with more of his stunning Custodes, where i’m running out of superlatives to describe them. The level of customisation on all of his models from the bases to slight reposes often go unnoticed due to the paint job. Love the colours used in the pallet to compliment the gold, turquoise and purple look delicious! click on the pics for a closer look!


Next we have Joel with some more of his heresy era imperial fists, this time with a very gritty and cool looking breacher squad. Some really nice and subtle weathering across the unit and i love the use of blacks and metals to break up the yellow and give a distinct differentiation and scheme to his breachers.  Very nice work bud!


A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow y algunos de sus Eldar de aspecto retro golpeando a Scorpions. Me encanta el esquema verde y amarillo, ya que realmente evoca recuerdos de las primeras ediciones de 40K. Las lentes se han hecho especialmente bien y el resaltado de los bordes está muy limpio. bien hecho amigo!


Next we have Josh with a trio ogres which look fantastic… great looking flesh tones across the models and great blending and transitions to give interest in a very smooth finish. Love the mouths and teeth as they have been well executed and to top it off he’s only gone done some super clean blends on the swords as well. A very accomplished paint job indeed Josh! love to see more of these when your done!



Next we have Mark D who has painted up a tiny little Grung for his D&D campaign, this plucky little fellow has spent most of his adventures setting off traps in his search for shiny gold and the only thing better than this paint job is the amazing frog voice he now uses for the whole session! Love the dappled green on the skin to give that subtle interest that occurs naturally on amphibians and the eyes are truly fantastic… lets not forget that this figure so much smaller than the other 28mm models so this really is a great effort. well done bud!


Next we have Keiran with his rather splendid high elves he has painted with a nice metallic sheen offset with the blue trim and some reptilian scaled cloaks with a lovely turquoise colour. Some nice work on the faces and flesh as well and they look particularly nice on their snowy bases. well done buddy these are looking great!


Next we have Mark F who has been continuing on his Tau and has been amassing a huge looking army of well painted robot suits with very clean lines and edge highlights offset by the dirty muddy and floral bases creates a very strong contrast between them. A very well executed looking army, fantastic Sir!


Up next we have Dan K with another magnificent plethora of minis, with more of his chaos marines he has been working on for some time now and has continued to knock them out at a decent rate and to a very decent quality. Some lovely blending on the power sword and some great flesh tones on his Necromunda Goliaths. Also he’s been working on some more WW2 models with some nice work on the fabrics. Great work once again bud!


Next we have Yp with his work on a Dark Angel Praetor and has made a conversion to where he’s 2 handing the sword rather than the original pose to give a little more dynamism to the model. He’s added some freehand checks and i also like the fact he’s incorporated the bone coloured armour panel with a nod to the new DA unit thats about to drop. looking forward to seeing more of this Army! nice work


Next we have Greg R who has only painted one mini this month but what a mini it is. This is a very well painted figure with a very clean finish and some nice subtle highlights across the model and the face and head is really well done. a very nicely painted eye great detail in there! Looks awesome mate!

greg r


Next we have Tom with his Skaven Bell end on wheels he painted for a competition and it really has been well done. The brass metallics are super clean and with good use of verdigris to give contrast and the rust and wood effects across the model are very nice too! I also like the muted spectral mist as an alternative the usual bright warpstone glow you associate with the rats. Nice work buddy!


Up next we have Stephen with some frostgrave mini’s he’s been working on in prder to get his children in to some wargaming and they like simply wonderful. With a nice use of complementary and contrasting colours on different models all done with a smooth clean finish and lovely flesh tones, these minis look fantastic and we hope the children can refrain from chewing, dropping or throwing these around and damaging the tremendous paint job he has accomplished! very nice work indeed sir!

And last but not least we have Nick with some Star Wars Legion and its nice to see Nick back up and running with his hobby again with some fantastic looking models with a fantastic looking paint job. Love the red robes of th Emperors guard and the emperor himsef for that matter. And i love the pathfinders, all of their colthes have been very well done and the faces and flesh again look terrific! Great work mate!


So that’s it for another month, sorry it has taken so long to complete but between working from home, and having numerous BBQ’s in this glorious lockdown weather it took a while to work through the sheer number of quality entries we had this month, lets hope we have another bumper month for May!

Remember stay home, stay stay safe and paint some more models! and here is Sr Marlow with some medical advice:

Me pusieron un cuello collarín hace años y nunca he mirado hacia atrás desde



Hello and welcome to March’s painting showcase, which is once again absolutely jam packed with a collection of hobby pics and awesomeness! So as covid-19 wreacks havoc on the world at least the geeks have  had a chance to paint up there piles of plastic and resin, while everyone else argues with loved ones over what they’re going to watch on TV. This is brilliant isn’t it?! As always there’s lots of stunning  mini’s for you to enjoy and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look. So without further ado lets get cracking…

first up is Dan King with a series of excellent looking mini’s starting with a gang of Oldhammer bloodletter models. I really like the colour on the flesh as it blends between the orangey red to the de-saturated red in the shadows. Dan has also knocked out some more of his chaos marines with such a clean and crisp finish. but my absolute favourite entries are the adeptus titanicus knights and warhound titans. the gaudy yellows and orange really stand out and maybe surprisingly work together so well. Plus the detail that has been painted on is clean and nicely done… fantastic effort Dan!


Up next we have Mat with his glorious Telemon dreadnought, which i think is sooo good it could be the cure for Covid-19! This is defo some of the very best TMM i have ever seen as he has managed to create a consistent lighting contrast across the whole model and compliment the gold with lots of detailed extras. simply stunning… just click on the pics for a closer look!!!!


Next we have Neil who has been busy working on a collection of tanks with a camouflage style, which look really well done as they can sometimes be quite tricky to get a realistic effect consistently across the models. Also some lovely looking Ogryns, some more stormcasts and some awesome looking scenery, love the moss growing in the cracks of the stonework. Another very accomplished month of painting from Neil… well done bud!


Next we have Paul E with some more of his slow grow late heresy era blood angels. Love the contrast from the red armour and the white snow bases. These look very crisp and painted really well and love the blue of the power weapons, to make the weapons pop against the red. Lovely work Sir!


Next we have a first time entrant with Will who has been beavering away on some 40k Ultramarines. Talk about a lovely crisp paint job, with sharp edge highlighting across all of the models with a very clean finish. Great work on the banner and i love the apothecary and the inverted colour scheme. We definitely look forward to more entries from Will in the coming months! great stuff for starters.


Next we have Samuel who has been working in great detail on a skaven with esoteric  RPG. He has created some nice blends on the smoke and the flesh tones and has also had a go at some OSL to really give the model some character and its come out really well. This is one very smooth and clean paint job and he has also created a very cool looking treasure chest with an awesome looking base. Great work Samuel!!


Up next we have Steve with an awesome looking Blood Raven Librarian. Love the vibrant blue, which has been nicely highlighted and the metallics have been done in a lovely muted TMM. Overall, whats impressive is the consistent placement of the highlights and shadows across the model, a very cool paint job indeed! top work sir

steve Dorn


Next we have Si who has finished off the last of his House Malinax knight banner with 2 acastus pophyrions and 3 more questoris knights. A nice simple scheme that looks great with a bit of oil weathering for streaking and rust.


Up next we have Rob who has been working on a mish mash of models this month with some lovely flesh work across each one. Love the squigs and gobbos riding them. The ‘munda gang of savages is looking great with his unique kitbashing for each. but my favourite is the green on his SBG as it looks very vibrant and looks great with the armour. lovely stuff Rob!


Next we have Phil who has been playing around with some nurgle paint schemes, which i think look great for something quick and a bit different that reminds me of a comic book style drawing… i love em! He has also painted up a weird but cool looking resin in a cool 70’s retro looking metallic sci fi alien robot… awesome work Phil!!


Next we have Paul who has been as proficient as always this time with a whole bundle of adeptus titanicus scenery pieces that look so good but then he goes and buys 2 warbringer titans and then goes and paints them up to look absolutely stunning in 2 different legio colours. These are so nice and crisp complete with nice little scenic bases and then he goes and throws in a random selection of awesome looking skeletons as well!! seriously high quality and quantity once again…


Next up we have Chris who has continued with his Blood Angels and completed several fantastic looking characters that have nice and crisp finish on each especially the banner. He has also had a pop at some orks and a few other chapters. Love the dirty yellow on the imperil fist and the nicely done space wolf! its great little collection of models especially the HQ options with the neat gold and scenic bases. top work bud.


Next we have Dan who has painted himself up a sexy topless dwarf, often found in back alley strip clubs in the old world. And who wouldn’t want to pay for a dance from him with all of that lovely flesh! Great work on the hair and neard and the metallics have come out nice as well. we look forward to some more scantily clad shorties!



Next we have Dunk, who has always has been unusually quiet in March and only painted up one model!!! yeah i know right!  but its an absolute stunner none the less, with some more of his Squeetari orange and the clean finish but what makes it pop is the lvoely green of the warp stone cannon thingy mounted on top! Very imaginative and well executed dude!


Next we have Greg, who has been busy painting up what can be an exceptionally tedious job of little bits of scatter terrain. but he’s managed to knock out a million of them and they all look really nice especially the pipes, with some nice detailing on there and has managed to keep a consistency across the pieces, well done mate!


Up next we have Mark, who we all know is super productive and this time he has been smashing out the Tau for the greater good. In what appears a simple scheme but that just goes to show how well executed they have been done as its tricky to get, whites and light greys to hold the interest but he has done it with subtle accent colours and a clean finish across the board. top stuff bud!!


Next we have Greg R who has painted up a rather splendid horse and carriage that he’s painted up as part of his D&D campaign for his character. love the painted wood effects and the bridal on the fine equine. Also some great robes on the sorcerer and love the bases and the whole thing has created a lot of character. great work Greg!

greg r


Next we have Jake who has been working on some guardsmen an Eversor assassin. I really like the grey fatigues that he has painted the guardsmen and done them really well with smooth blends but the best bits are the OSL effect on the plasma pistol and the choice of colour for the power sword. However, the Assassin’s black suit has been highlighted so well and i really like the skull and all the trim has been done very well. Love it!


Next we have Kieran with 2 scantily clad sexy witches as he continues to advertise his love for knee high footwear and princess leah style bikinis but this time its not him that’s wearing them… and we are all thankful for that, its an image that all who attended the Spartans Christmas party will not be able to forget!!! Anyway back to the models which have some nice flesh tones and the robes look great too, nice work bud!


Next we have Matthew with 2 very cool looking Redemptor dreadnoughts. the first has a nice c=scenic base and some awesome looking flame effects from the machine guns showing heavy sustained fire, which is great and adds lots of character. The 2nd is a lovely vibrant green that has has been daubed in blood from his crushing power fist, which is really cool. great work all round buddy!


A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow y un tipo de jefe Eldar de aspecto encantador. Con largas túnicas verdes que fluyen bien y están envueltas en una capa roja vibrante. Pero lo que es realmente genial es la elección del rosa como la daga de poder y las buenas mezclas que ha logrado. ¡Y una vez más, una hermosa mano alzada! ¡Grandes cosas para terminar este excelente mes!


And last but not least we have Joel, who has moved away from his 30K fists and knocked up some superb custodes terminators with a great muted gold offset with a really shiny vibrant candy red shoulder pad. The combo looks really effective and makes the models really pop. Love the tidy trim work all over and the crackle effect on the bases is really simple but gives them some interest to the bases. top work as always buddy!

so there we have it at last the end of a simply wonderful showcase for the month of March and i have no doubt that the month of April will be an equally bumper month full of Covid-19 inspired isolation productivity. so until next time i shall leave you in the immortal words of Sr. Marlow who has a collection of corona virus jokes for you to enjoy in your isolation… but you might have to wait 2 weeks to see if you get them!

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre COVID-19 y Romeo y Julieta? Uno es el coronavirus y el otro es una crisis de Verona.

¿Por qué lo llaman el nuevo coronavirus? Es una larga historia….

Finlandia acaba de cerrar sus fronteras. Sabes lo que significa. Nadie cruzará la línea de meta.

Me quedé sin papel higiénico y tuve que empezar a usar periódicos viejos. Los tiempos son difíciles.




logo february

Hello and welcome to February’s painting showcase, which is an absolute monster! We have a cracking selection of hobby related awesomeness painted up by all the nerds down at the Spartans, especially lots of newcomers getting in on the action. As always there’s lots of stunning  mini’s for you to enjoy and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look. So without further ado lets get cracking…

First up we have Joel who is single handedly keeping heresy alive by building the largest Imperial Fist army known to man. This time he has added a filthy medusa battery, which looks awesome in the weathered and grimey detail of his usual high standard. Lovely stuff Joel and its really impressive to see the same consistency across all of your models.


Next we have Mat and the continuation of his stunning Custodes army, this time with the velataris models. Love the TMM across all the models and use of the dark turquoise and purple to break up and add depth and interest to all of the gold. And the bases are pretty baller as well! fantastic as always bud!

Next we have Chris who is a first time poster with a great collection of minis he’s been recently working on. Clearly Chris has a love for space vampires and has done a fantastic job of painting up ‘new’ Mephiston in a very clean a crisp paint job. The grassy green bases really add a nice soft aesthetic and contrast to the metallics and red of the power armour.He’s also painted up some sanguinary guard, primaris marines and a random tyranid… presumably one that was left over from the attack on Baal!!! great work all round and we look forward to seeing this collection grow.

Next we have Dan G who has been paining up a range of different mini’s from D&D style to chaotic space marine and its really nice to see he is improving month on month, Love the green flame effect you have pulled off on the marine chaplain and the blood effects on your sabre toothed cat looks cool as well. keep it up bud!

Up next we have Samuel who is another first time poster to the showcase with his very well painted chaos knight, which has a great looking leather cloak nicely blended to give subtle highlights. The metal armour has also been painted very well and overall has given him a nice and crisp paint job. This certainly looks like the start of a very cool looking AOS army and it will be nice to see some games of AOS being played down the club.


Next we have Si who has been rather busy painting 2 characters for his Heresy era Dark Angels, where he tried focusing on improving his faces and freehand skulls. He also painted a really old and really small epic land raider for shiggles and made a start on his new adeptus titancus force with his house malinax knight banner and is hoping to play some games soon.


Next we have Marcos, who has decided to paint some if his backlog of minis, starting with his Gloomhaven models from the massive game box. Marcos has shown how simply you can create a great looking paint job using various washes to create depth using shades and highlights and keeping the models looking clean and tidy. I think you will all agree they look great and the use of contrasting and accent colours to make each model pop.


Next we have Dunk with his now enormous Squeetari army for 40K with the weird conversions looking so cool with his little conversions on every model, the green is particularly well painted to give that soft OSL look across the range and compliment the reds and oranges nicely. awesome as always bud!


Next we have Steve who has been knocking out some loverly looking Blood Raven scouts and dreadnought. Great weathering effect on the dread and i really like the transition on the cream shoulder plates and the dirt and rust streaks with chipping damage. very neatly and expertly done. also some dope looking scouts in particular the cloaks and their lenses! we look forward to seeing more of this army!



Next we have Graham who has began painting up some of his undead Blood Bowl team.  The bandages and bones have been nicely done, which for something so simple can be tricky to pull off but Graham has nailed them. However, the most striking thing is the lovely contrast of the green and purple/pink armour plates and he has made a nice gradient on the purple to the pink. This will be a very cool looking team when all finished! We look forward to seeing it!



Next we have Jake who says he’s had his first bash at weathering a vehicle, which looks great with the sponge chipping effect around the edges and soot stained exhaust stacks. He’s also had a go at some OSL effects as well to really make the model stand out. nice work bud!



Up next we have Greg who has been working on some extremely crisp and clean looking AOS marines. The metallics look on point and give a regal look to the unit. They are offset nicely by the deep blue shoulder pads and robes with again very clean white tabards. A very clinical paint job and excellent bases to match! Seriously excellent work my friend



Next we have Roberto and some more of his little big walking robots. Rob has painted some great effects on the warlord titan and in particular managing a crisp looking flames on the leg panels. The metallics have a nice worn look and the gold trim works well as an accent colour and the knights chequer patterns really give a cool look to the shoulder pads. look forward to smashing these up soon!


Next is Shaun with what looks like a Bolt Action heavy weapons team. Love the use of flint and flock on the base to create a natural scene to the unit. Its a really cool looking model and its nice to see more WW2 style models being painted up and the Bolt action scene continue to grow. We look forward to more in the coming months!



Up next we have Jonny again with some more Bolt Action that had finished for a recent event. Jonny’s stuff is really nice and these pics really dont do it justice to see the detail he has painted onto his units. But a seriously cool looking army and repping the spartans well at all the events he attends!


Next we have Luke who says he hasn’t painted in a while but then knocks out this beauty! I think this is my favourite entry for this months showcase as not only is it a cool looking weird model but i really like the colour pallete he has used, with the natural and warm colours in the red leather, tanned flesh and brown bark against the un-natural metallic blade appendages… very nice work dude!


A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow y algunos guardabosques Eldar de aspecto realmente asombroso. La clásica armadura verde y blanca es muy limpia y las pieles se ven muy bien en todos los modelos. Sin embargo, el paladín Tiefling es el loco, ¡la mano libre en el escudo es tan buena y me encantan sus ojos! ¡El señor Marlow se está convirtiendo en el rey de las manos libres! muy genial de hecho!


Next we have Mark who has been working on his primaris Dark Angel Lieutenant and has achieved some nice transitions on the green armour to give highlight and shade and also a great contrast with the classic bone coloured tabard for that awesome DA 40k feel. a very crisp paint job and top work all round!


Next we have Stephen with some very unique looking eldar Harlequin models. I really like the base black and white with small amounts of accent colours to give a uniformity and somewhat classic jester appearance to the unit. The bronze is a nice contrasting metallic choice as well to add interest and the gems are very nicely done! great stuff dude!


And last but not least we have Paul with some more of his heresy era Blood Angels who just finished them in the nick of time to be entered into the showcase. A nice little 5 man las cannon squad to bring ruin to vehicles on a table top near you. A nice red with crisp highlights all over and accented well with the black weapons. very cool.


So there we have it for another month and what a truly inspiring bunch of minis we have had to enjoy. Lets hope for more of the same again in March, so until next time i shall leave you with the sage advice of Sr. Marlow and what to do if you ever encounter a bear!

Si ves un oso y no tienes tiempo para huir, abrázalo. Los osos no pueden rascarse el estómago



logo jan

Hello and welcome to January’s painting showcase, where we have a superb selection of hobby related awesomeness as painted by the nerds at the Spartans. There are lots and lots of really well painted mini’s for you to enjoy and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look. So without further ado lets get cracking…

Next we have Tony who has dusted of his brushes and started painting up some sisters of battle. Its great to see him painting again as this looks fantastic! love the pearlescent looking white armour which is complimented nicely by the red robes. a great come back sir we look forward to more to come!
Next we have rob who has been smashing out the models in january with his gang for the new ‘Munda campaign that’s taking place. Obviously he’s chosen a savage ork/world eaters style army cos he’s obsessed but these look great! He’s also been busy with some hobbit stuff as well and accomplished a nice contrast between the metal armour and shields for interest.  great stuff bud!

A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow y su Edar, que han sido pintados en un estilo retro de principios de los 90 completo con bases de duende verde. Los paneles de la armadura son agradables y nítidos y tiene un bonito contraste entre el rojo y el negro y el hueso. muy buen trabajo mi amigo !!

Next we have Neil who has smashed out some high quality minis this month with some awesome looking demons and space wolves. love the vibrant red on the flesh on the demons and the wings are very well done! as well as the space wolves armour  is very crisp and the scouts are fantastic! You can also see how easy contrast paints can easily make flesh tones look good on the wolfen for a quick scheme. great work all round buddy!


Next we have Dan G who has been playing around with his new light box to take some great pics of chaosy warcry dudes. some nice looking flesh tones offset by the furs and bone ornaments on some nice bases, His painting is getting better each month!


Next is Paul E with his interpretation of the 30k blood angel dawn breakers in their shining gold armour, which look great with the red shoulder pads and blue power weapons to give a nice contrast between the models, The snow bases again look great and something a bit different. great work buddy!


Up next we have Dunk with his squeetari rangers and weird tank thing and drill. This concept although quite old now as he’s been working on them for a few years, still looks awesome! The painting style is simplistic (for Dunk) but works really well for the theme of the army in bold colours. great work lad


Next we have Joel with some more of his heresy era imperial fists with this bad boy! love the weathered yellow and the bronze effect on the plasma guns. The lenses look great and the accent colour of grey really helps to give contrast to the model. love this army! great work Joel

And last but defo not least we have Paul D with some chaos and Tau terrain. The terrain pieces look really nice and will add some awesome looking atmosphere to his garden shed tables, which must be the best looking shed in the world by now! But i really really like the chaos spider beast thingy, with the great black and gold scheme, which is so clean and crisp. its a thing of beauty!! lovely stuff once again bud.


so there we have it for another month lets hope it gives you a hobby throbby to pain something up in february, so until the next time i will leave you with a sales announcement from Sr Marlow:

“He decidido vender mi aspiradora, solo está acumulando polvo!”


logo december

Hello and happy new year and welcome to December’s painting showcase, where we have a superb selection of hobby related awesomeness as painted up by the nerds at the Spartans over tthe festive period. There are lots  of really well painted mini’s for you to enjoy and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look. So without further ado lets get cracking…

So up first we have Mat and his new stunning Adeptus Titanicus Legio. Love the colour scheme which has been complimented well with the purple power sword and the brass trim to the metallics. The weathering is subtle but very effective in giving a battered and battle worn effect but keeping the pleasing aesthetic of the legio which is incredibly difficult to do at this miniature scale. Amazing work once again Buddy!


Next we have Steve F with a lovely scene full of character using a Rackham miniature as the centre piece, which has been framed well with the base that has been well crafted and painted to set the scene of like a wicked arch mage looking out over his dominion. Great effect on the glowing staff, which offsets the well textured purple robes and the bronzen staff. Seriously well done mate!


Next we have Mark with his new Tabaxi sorcerer after the sudden and saddening death of his last D&D character he has painted up a fancy looking replacement called Topaz Raincloud ready to cast death upon the venomous snake people and undead alike! great choice of colour for the robe to purrfectly offset the ginger feline features… Ameowzing work buddy!


Next we have Si who has had a crack at painting a Gunpla model for his bro in law’s xmas present giving it a weathered and battle weary look instead of the usual clean finish. He’s also had a go at painting up a back up goliath character for his D&D campaign based on the ‘Grog Strongjaw’ model from the critical role series.


Next we have Rob who has been working on his gang for the upcoming ‘Munda campaign with his lovely chaosy dudes with great flesh tones and rusty saws, which look great. As well as some LoTR models and a lovely village hall he painted up so they can hold a jumble sale and organise the village fete. Great community work Rob!


next we have Paul E with some more of his invasion of Terra/late heresy era Blood Angels.with some lovely crisp gold and nice vibrant reds they really do stand out on the table top. The snowy bases really help to give them that pop! looking forward to this slow grow army seeing the tabletop soon. good work buddy!


Next we have Paul D and his collection of chaos marines in that lovely black and gold scheme, which he has painted once again to a very high and crisp finish. He’s also managed some nice flesh, robes and especially the green fire as additional touches to the models and he’s also painted himself another stargate. great work as always bud!


Next we have Dunk who has given himself a month off over Christmas and only painted 3 models. One of which is a lovely sister of battle in the crimson power armour and jet black robes an some fantastic looking flames make this a very accomplished paint job. And also 2 chaosy type marines with lovely flesh tones and boned armour to create more interest across the black and red scheme. as always a lovely set of work buddy!


A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow con algunas instalaciones militares para felicitar a su guardia imperial. Estos se ven simplemente deslumbrantes con una gran cantidad de tiempo y esfuerzo para la preparación de kits y la creación de una base escénica, así como para pintarlos a un nivel fantástico. También un gran trabajo en las lentes, etc. en la torreta. Realmente fantástico compañero de trabajo!


next we have Dan K who has been very busy painting up a mixture of Zombie survivor related minis, some WW2 German forces and genestealer cults. Great work on the flesh tones across all of the models especially the cult and some lovely work on the clothes to give contrast and they look especially great with their pictures taken against the scenic back grounds. awesome work mate!


Next we have Luke who has been working on his latest superhero with some nice contrast between the red and the blue to give a vibrant scheme and the flesh and hair look really well done too. He’s also painted up a sword wielding bed sheet in a lovely deep black which has been done nicely to show the subtle highlights and shadows. great stuff mate!


And last and no means least we have Mark F with his primaris dark angel in the traditional dark green that has been nicely highlighted up to give maximum contrast from the dark shadows and complimented nicely by the cream tabard and the OSL from the plasma pistol. Great stuff Mark once again.


So there we are for another month a great fest for the eyes that should hopefully cast away the January blues. so until next time i shall leave you with a joke from Sr. Marlow.

Dos loros están sentados en una perch. Uno se vuelve hacia el otro y pregunta.

“¿Hueles a pescado?”


logo november

Hello and welcome to November’s painting showcase, where we have a superb selection of hobby related awesomeness as painted by the nerds at the Spartans. There are lots and lots of really well painted mini’s for you to enjoy and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look. So without further ado lets get cracking…