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Welcome to another late monthly showcase of all the hobby the guys and girls down the Spartans have been working on in the month of June. There is a bumper month of hobby activity, where the nerds have obviously been dodging the sunshine in favour of keeping their pale and pasty complexions in tact! Needless to say they have produced a fine collection of mini’s for your perusal, as usual you can click on each picture for a closer look.

So first up we have Jonny, who has been celebrating 50 years since the Apollo launch with this excellent looking NASA space man. the effect behind makes the model look like an actual photograph taken from space. Great detail on the helmet and suite to create a realistic effect. I absolutely love this!! well played Jonny, well played!


Up next we have Matt Q with some more nurgley goodness! love how well the fabric has been painted and he has done a great job on blending the flame effect on the banner. All round this is a sublime looking model with lots of effects nicely dome like the blood axe and skulls. very nice work Matthew defo some of your best work to date! well done bud!


Next we have Steve with a lovely band of Hi-Tech looking dudes painted really nicely with some simple NMM silvers and subtle use of spot highlights to give the metallic effect of the red armour. He has also made good use of contrasting colours into the shadows to help add a real subtle depth to the red without killing the saturation. All in all very technical paint job well executed! awesome stuff mate!


Next we have Jimmy with a lovely looking Salamanders librarian and once again he doesn’t disappoint. The green is to its usual vibrant high standard and the robes have been very well done (as per) but he has offset the greens and red with vibrant blue of the staff and crowned by the totem on the backpack to create a very clear halo of focus to the model. lovely stuff Jim!


A continuación tenemos al señor Marlow, que ha estado trabajando incansablemente en su ejército de la Guardia Imperial. Él ha hecho algunos francotiradores Ratling que están buscando dulce. Las lentes tienen un aspecto increíble y tienen un brillo realista y los tonos de piel se ven muy bien. Bien hecho señor bien hecho!


Next we have Lawrence and a bumper collection of minis, there is sooo much awesomeness here its difficult to pick out the highlights cos they all look so good and i have no idea what some of the models are!!. Despite his recent difficulties with his eyesight he is still smashing ti out the park with high quality and high quantity of models! I do like the buxom waitresses and the spiders are cool!!! well done mate glad to see you’ve still got it!


Next we have Rob who has been experimenting with contrast paints to quickly knock up some demons. These are looking great against the lava bases and its clear to see that contrast paints are here to make batch painting easier and look great on the table top. Nice work my man!!


On to the next with Dunk and lovely lady in a purple dress. I don’t think these pictures do this justice as the dress has been well done with good use of blue into the shadows to create subtle contrast to the warmer purple and red hair. The black boots have been nicely shaded to show a consistent highlight along the leather and the OSL is nice too! great work Dunkers as per!


Next we have Scouse Greg and a million models he painted this month again using contrast paints to quickly get through a large demon army and the results speak for themselves! lots of detail picked out with not too much effort to create a great looking army in a fraction of the time it took before! Great work mate love the skin tone choice as something a bit different to the usual demons you see!


And now the other Greg with some rather dashing looking grey knights with some lovely clean edges and nice finish to the models and some nice blending on the halberds and swords! Once again i don’t think the pictures do the models justice as they are looking so good! lovely stuff Greg!


next up we have Kieran with a lady and her bug and i really like the choice of colour for the beetle as it helps to give a distinct contrast between it and the rider. It eh dark and light element also helps add character to the model and almost creates a scene rather than a single model. lovely stuff!


Next is Giles and some superb looking Sons of Horus, which he was recently commended for at the recent Geno52 centurion event. Lovely looking green and great use of the old Chaos backpacks to create different feel to some of the models across the unit. Also like the bases as they give a nice contrast along with the gold trim done in  nice TMM style. These are looking very nice and getting better all the time!


Next is Lewis who has been nurgling this up again with some awesome looking models! The the highlights and subtle bronzes really add to the character of these models and have been offset nicely with the blue of the insect parts to create a really cool looking effect. I really like what you’ve done here buddy! cant wait to see some more!


On to the next batch with Paul’s stormcasts, which are looking absolutely spendiferous. Lovely looking gold offset by the blue and white of the robes and shoulder pads and great looking bases as well. However, its the bronzen dwarves that i really like as the subtle changes in hue ties the models together yet has been done so there is the distinction between armour panels etc. and once again some awesome looking bases to mount them on! lovely stuff bud!


Next is Neil who has also been experimenting with contrast paint with some Space Wolves primaris marines which have come out really nicely. i love the choice of grey harking back to the heresy era rather than the blue grey of modern 40K wolves. Good choice of bases to give maximum contrast against and make them stand out. nice work Neil!!


And last but in no means least we have Will who’s been smashing out more guild ballers this time in the style of the Harlem globe trotters. Absolutely love the flesh tones used here, which can be very tricky to pull off. once again he has experimented with NMM on the armour to add depth  to the models… and finally that blue!! its such a nice rich colour and a fine choice to contrast against the ivory undershirt! very well done indeed!!


So there we have it for the Month of June… keep your eyes peeled for July’s showcase which shouldn’t be too far behind this one. We hope that this has inspired you to pick up a brush and paint something… so i will leave you with the inspired words of the rolling stones and señor Marlow!

Veo una puerta roja y la quiero pintada de negro. Ya no hay colores quiero que se vuelvan negrosVeo pasar a las chicas vestidas con sus ropas de verano. Tengo que volver la cabeza hasta que mi oscuridad se vaya. Veo una línea de autos y todos están pintados de negro. Con flores y mi amor, nunca volveré. Veo que la gente gira la cabeza y rápidamente mira hacia otro lado. Como un bebé recién nacido, simplemente pasa cada día.Miro dentro de mí y veo que mi corazón es negro. Veo mi puerta roja, debo pintarla de negro. Tal vez entonces me desvaneceré y no tendré que enfrentar los hechos. No es fácil de arreglar, cuando todo tu mundo es negro. Mi mar verde no volverá más a un azul más profundo No pude prever que esto te suceda. Si miro lo suficientemente fuerte al sol ponienteMi amor se reirá conmigo antes de que llegue la mañana. Veo una puerta roja y la quiero pintada de negro. Ya no hay colores quiero que se vuelvan negros Veo pasar a las chicas vestidas con sus ropas de verano. Tengo que volver la cabeza hasta que mi oscuridad se vaya.



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Hello and welcome to May’s painting showcase, where we have a bumper month of hobby related awesomeness as painted by the nerds at the Spartans. There are lots and lots of really well painted mini’s for you to enjoy and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look. So without further ado lets get cracking…

First up we have Dunk with a mega collection of entries from papa nurgle. The skin  looks fantastic and seriously necrotic with some nice blends from the greens and pinks on the tentacles and around the wounds. Along with a very nice and crisp Abaddon on a great looking base. And to top it all off he’s started on some Malifaux with a sexy samurai senorita looking lovely in red! Seriously high quantity and and high quality!! well dont Dunkers you are defo completing with Paul for that Mass production title now!

Next we have Matt and a rather odd looking chap that s cross between deadpool and the lass above for the new game all the cool kids are playing down the club, which means I have no idea what the game is called but i think you will all agree its looking rather dashing and the leather straps have been very well done, all in all top work Matthew!

Next we have Rob and a merry bunch of Hobbit miniatures with lovely painted mounts and bases. These look like they have a really cheery paint job and the horses look fantastic. Along with some more mini giant robots for his adeptus titanicus maniple, which are looking hot as tits! well done Honey Monster!

A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow y una gran colección de entradas. Ha estado trabajando en sus personajes de respaldo para D&D. Me encantan los tonos de piel púrpura y los ojos se han hecho bien en los soldados. ¡Las habilidades están literalmente mejorando con cada mes! ¡sigue así compañero!

Next we have Luke with a weird collection of minis, which i have no idea where or what system they are from but they look really cool and i love the uniform muted brown and earthy colour palette.  They almost have a motion animation feel to the models in the realms of Nick Park. Lovely stuff Luke they have loads of character, well done!. 

Up next we have Si who has made a start on his 30K Solar Auxilia allied detachment, which his take on the 142nd C’Thonian Headhunters loyal to the Warmaster Horus. Since Forge World have discontinued the transfers he decided he would try to free hand all the symbols… needless to say he’s sick of the sight of skulls!

Next we have Paul with a very lowly model count for his usual output but it looks absolutely stunning! Such a lovely brass effect that even with such  a close up of the model it still looks clean and crisp! Fantastic work Mate!


On to the next lot which is Neil and some marvellous ghouls and ghosties. First off the colour scheme is absolutely sublime and i just love how the deep rich blood red contrasts against the ghostly green and they take a lovely picture against the black back drop. I especially love the horse mounted chap and the bases look fantastic! Neil has also continued with his stormcasts which once again look very splendid! a very top month of work here Neil lad, well played!

On to the next lot with Joel and his Heresy era Imperial Fists heavy support with a dirty 10 man Volkite Culverin squad, which are absolutely brutal in game and will look absolutely stunning while they are removing your models! Lovely yellow offset with the MkIII face plates of a different colour it really gives the unit character and uniqueness and look great! Lovely stuff mate!

and last but not least we have Greg with a might fine recommissioned Imperial knight looking all knightly! A lovely clean paint job with some fantastic looking lenses and good use of transfers to create the image of a battle hardened veteran! Lovely stuff Greggles!


So there we have it, another fantastic looking collection of mini’s, we hope it gets your creative juices flowing to paint something up during June so until the next time i shall leave you with the immortal words of Snr Marlow.

Si te falta dinero y quieres hacer menta barata después de la cena, ¡simplemente congela un tubo de pasta de dientes y córtalo en rodajas finas para que tus invitados disfruten!


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Apologies for ANOTHER very late monthly round up of hobby goodness from all the geeks and gals in at the home of the Spartans. Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it in alphabetical order this month..

first up we have Angel who seems like she hasn’t painted anything for a while and then steps up and knocks it out the park with this little number. Great work on the fabrics and the wooden trench work behind, You have managed to create a great sense of character in this little piece, well done hun!! hopefully we start to see some more entries in May.


Next we have Dan G and a mix of some heresy era space wolves and DnD characters. Love the grey colour scheme for the heresy wolves offset nicely with the red and black shoulder pads. Love the fellhanded model as well great power claw! look forward to seeing more of these soon.

Next we have Dunk and a mammoth collection of fantastic looking models from the chaos marine range. Great OSL on the plasma guns along with the nice crisp finish to the metallics and black armour… in fact there’s so much goodness just go and have a rummage through and enjoy the pictures! i’m sure we are in for another bumper month in May as well… lovely stuff Dunkers!

On to the next with Greg with some lovely looking fallen Thousand Sons with a really bright striking blue which looks so vibrant and contrasts nicely against the red and the gold. The finish is nice and crisp and the termies look really nice, all in all a very nice paint job all round. good work Sir!

Next we have John who has managed to do some hobby 2 months in a row!! wowser! he’s made a start on some titanicus models and they look like they’re coming together nicely with some nice mettalics. look forward to seeing these finished up and on the table top!

Next we have Luke who has also been working on some black legion chaos marines and these also look very nicely done. the gold looks especially nice and has a real depth to it and really makes the models pop.  Awesome work Luke

Next we have Max with a strong debut to the showcase with his World Eater Khan model mincing his way through his enemies along the crimson path and has the blood stains to prove it! Really nice blue on the shoulder pads to contrast the white and the blood effects. We look forward to more seeing more entries!

Next we have Neil and a cracking looking ghostly gang of AOS models. Really love the green spectral effect he’s created with the green through to white with such smooth blends. I also really like the silly ghost who has managed to confuse himself by getting his head stuck under a blanket and can’t stab his way out… really top work on the fabric and the bases!

Next we have Nick and some rather dashing and weird looking chaps that have been painted with a variety colour pallets that have created to generate a real interest ot each model and makes them stand out to snap, crackle and pop!! These are a loverly looking bunch of models Nick!! top work young man!

Next we have Rob and some heresy goodness starting with a very crisp jet bike squadron that looks really nice with the clean blue and white and metallic trim… give them 5 minute and they will be covered in blood, gore and filth!! He has also painted up some very cool iron warriors complete with hazard stripes and gold trim against the silver works very well. And the final piece is a mad looking chaos riding dark mech creature thingy… very cool Rob very cool!

Next we have Paul and some angelic looking models with a great collection of sisters of battle and the new St Celestine model. What i really like is the crisp white set against the lovely gold and scrolls of the armour. Love the white stripe in their hair too for a little touch of character. Great stuff Paul lad keep it up!

Finally we have Steve with a lovely dark elf witch that really jumps out at you not only with the pose but also the pastel pale flesh tones that have been very well blended to maximise the highlights and the shadows. The black boots have a lovely sheen to them, which is tricky to accomplish to make a natural leather look. they blues, gold and reds also look lovely and frame the model nicely. top work!

So there we are better late than never… hopefully May’s will come around a bit quicker!



Apologies for another rather late monthly round up of March’s hobby goodness from all the geeks and gals in at the home of the Spartans. Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it…

We’re off to a very strong start with Steve who has finished up his entry for the painting comp at salute, which is absolutely stunning love the placement of the lighting to make the sheened finish to the Alien head.. The piece is simple yet it absolutely oozes character and looks so dynamic especially with the water effects which he has absolutely nailed. Really top drawer lad, not sure how he did in the painting comp but its a winner in my eyes, have a feast on this!

Next we have Rob who has been painting up some iron warriors for his 40k force, which look  sweet in MK3 armour. very nice and crisp silver with hazard striping trim to really make them stand out. He has also done some mutated chaos things which again tie into his iron warriors and also have some really  nice flesh tones painted throughout. Finally he has painted some spear dudes on horses, which look really nice and is a change to the usual orkish stuff he normally paints. good stuff mate!

Next up we have Si who has managed to find a little mojo again and painted up 3 Horus Heresy consuls for his Alpha Legion and a termite drill to ride in as well as a couple of characters for Paul’s Raven Guard with power weapons. Finally he painted up 2 more D&D characters for when Dunk decides to kill him off in their current campaign. One is a monk Tortle (which is simply ‘Geordie’ for Turtle) and the other is a gnome bard.  

Up next we have Dunk with a plethora of pictures of the many models he has been working on, which have been the new chaos marines. Love the crispness of the paint job and the classic black and gold scheme always looks so good. Really nice job on the character to give an OSL effect on the weapon and again on the cheeky litte genestealer cultist. What can i say that we haven’t said before about Dunkers paint jobs… they are proper loverly!

Next we have Dan G who has been painting some bigger models with some imperial Knights and an armiger for his 40K force along with 2 guardsmen. Great work on the metallics on the knights to show a nice crisp trim to counter the deep matte blue of the armour. great stuff Dan nice to see you painting a wide range of models at the mo!

Next we have Greggles who has been working on his Custodes for 40k and continuing his jetbike chap. Love the use of the shield on the bike to give a little uniqueness to the character and the scheme is nice and different as well. Gold looks really rich and deep and all round very nicely done job! well done mate.

Next we have Lewis and unfortunately the pictures aren’t the best to see all the detail that has gone into these lovely looking Eldar Harlequins and Sameal on his jetbike for Dark Angels. The ‘Quins have been done so nicely its such a shame you cant see them properly. really good work Lewis!

Next we have John who has been working on some weird and wonderful looking models, with some really nice flesh tones across them. John has been playing with adding colour into his palette to help create interesting layers to his paint schemes. Plus John likes to paint weird shit so it works really well with that as well. great job mate!

Next we have Phil who has been balls deep in Necromunda with painting up some Ambots and a Rogue Psyker, which are looking briliant. love the worn effects on the AMbot and the dust effects really give it a worn and battered feel. The Psykers robes look really nice and  offer a strong contrast to the sun kissed flesh above, which has been done very well. this is noice work Phill!

Up next we have Paul who has continued his theme of smashing stuff out to a high standard, this time its some more Adeptus Titanicus knights and boy do they look sweet. He’s painted them so cleanly they look like they are 28mm scale!! Lovely as always matey! Great scheme by the way.

And last but no means least we have Will with a crunchy Armadillo, which i absolutely love. The NNM steel has been done well with some nice blends and the natural armour looks realistic the way it has been painted. Its such a cool model that looks even better with a sweet paint job like this, awesome work buddy!


So thats it for March, i hope its got the hobby throbby going for you and we shall return very soon with Aprils round up!


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A rather late welcome to another monthly round up of February’s hobby goodness from all the geeks and gals in at the home of the Spartans. Its another bumper month with nice variety of game systems and models on offer. Remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look so lets get straight into it…

First up we have Paul who has been building a Majesty of Titans, and is well on his was to having 2 complete maniples that he keeps threatening to bring down the club for some intro games. These look simply stunning with nice crisp lines and fantastic poses they have made the models come to life and you really can’t tell the scale from these photo’s. Love the basing and basically everything about them!! Soooo good!

Next we have Matt I. and some golden Primaris Marines that have been very nicely painted with a crisp finish and lovely deep red, which contrasts nicely against the metallic scheme. These look super great Matt well done keep up the good work!


Next up we have Dunk and some more of his awesome looking Genestealer cults. Loving the graffiti style markings on the tank and once again some lovely cultists with great looking flesh tones and clean paint jobs. awesome once again Dunkers!!!

Next we have Greg  who has painted up a knight for his 40K army and very stern cigar smoking imperial guard! Loving vibrant foliage on the base and the complimentary red and blue colours on the armour which will look great as an allied unit to his crimson fists!! Also nice face on the angry dude, awesome work Greggles!!!

Next up we have James and some reinforcements his SBG force, which are looking fantastic! Love the armour and banners and the green is a subtle accent colour, which really ties them all together. These are great and we cant to see them in action at the club soon!

Up next we have John who has actually done some hobby so while it may not be 100% finished we thought it was worth showing off as he rarely lifts a finger nowadays!! love the transitions on the water swirls? The sword looks great too!! we cant wait to see this finished soon!


Next we have Luke and a collection of knightly characters, which have been painted to a lovely high standard. Especially like the effect on the wooden shield that gives it a nice worm effect. Luke’s painting is really coming on in leaps and bounds each month an we wait for next months entry with baited breath.


Up next we have Pete who has been busy going back in and repairing and tidying up his 2 dread after a small falling accident!! love the transitions on these models and the use of transfers really make them pop as the elegant and pompous heresy era blood angles. Great weathering as well mate!

Next we have Matthew who has taken a break from primaris blood angels and made as start on some nurgley deathguard which looks really nice as he’s started layering down the filth associated with the legion. great work on the horns, cant wait to see it finished.


Next we have Neil who has painted another collection of fantastic looking models! i love the dirty gold on the custodes and it contrasts nicely against the power weapons. He’s also added some more mechanicum to his existing force which as always looks fantastic with that pale blue and red martian bases. He’s also done a lovely assassin and some grey knights.. busy month for Neil and they all look great!!

Next we have Rob and a lovely ensemble of SBG models, which are a nice addition to his army and look great especially against the greenery of the bases. Rob also made a great looking support character for the recent Spaartanax sedition heresy event and his world eaters, which got quite few comments and votes at the event. awesome work bud!

Next we have Si who has been continuing his work on his Heresy era Dark Angels with a 15 man assault squad in Mk2 armour and a Mk4 apothecary made from the FW moritat model and the bright green power weapons really help them pop against the black armour.

Next up we have Will and a really awesome skaven blood bowl team, which have been painted with loads of detail like the names on the bases, the flag and the tactics board on the coach… this is a lovely little touch! they truly are a magnificent looking team, you should be very proud!!

Next we have Nick who has been beavering away at some really cool looking models from the Aliens franchise. He has really captured the feeling of the xenos from the films in matching the colour of their chitin and nicely tied in with the bases of a very 80’s looking space ship floor! great stuff mate!


Y por último, pero no menos importante, tenemos al señor Marlow con un millón de fotos de los millones de modelos en los que ha estado trabajando febrilmente. Estos se ven muy bien y el comienzo de un ejército de gran apariencia. más un gato es siempre una pequeña bonificación agradable! Grandes tonos de carne y mano alzada una vez más, mes a mes, el Sr. Marlow está mejorando y mejorando. ¡sigue así compañero!


SO there we have it for another month, we hope there’s lots of inspiration for you to get something painted for March’s showcase, so until then i will leave you with the immortal warning from Sr. Marlow – A quien haya robado mi copia de Microsoft Office, te encontraré. Tienes mi palabra!



Happy New Year and welcome to the first painting showcase of 2019, we have another monthly round up of hobby from the geeks and gals from the Spartans. So without further ado lets get on with it and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look.

first up we have Matt and his rather glorious Custodes force that he has been working on for the last year or so and well like they say all good things come to those who wait… and have the patience of a saint!! the detail is incredible and probably the best custodes army i’ve seen and looks even better in the flesh! Love the marble effects and the blue black is a great contrast colour to break up the golden armour and give a unique scheme to the force. Top drawer mate!


Up next we have Si who has not painted much at all in recent months but has broke in the new year with a dog he has painted like his own beloved pet. The paint job is a bit woof in places but overall not bad!

Next we have Dunkers and a rather large collection of genestealer cult entries, all of which look splendiferous!!! Dunk has created a really clean and crisp paint job on all of these models with nice blending and great use of vibrant colours and lovely flesh tones. Just have a closer look at them all they look lush!!! awesome work buddy!

Next we have Dan G and a rather dashing looking Armiger knight with some nice hazard stripes that break up the scheme nicely and some very clean looking metallic trim across the whole model but i also really like the green lens… nice work Dan!!!


Next we have Rob and a real mix of systems that he’s been working on in january. first of all is a weird squig mine… nuff said?!! then some truly excellent looking Adeptus Titanicus models in a reaver and 2 warhound scout titans. the flames have been done really well and is a lovely scheme that really stands out on the table top as legio titans should! and finally some lovely looking middle earth models that i think are glorious… all in all some of Robs best work to date!

A continuación tenemos al señor Marlow y una gran cantidad de entradas para el mes de enero. Amando el trabajo de la carne y los ojos en los cadians, realmente sigue mejorando con cada modelo y es increíble ver el desarrollo cada mes. Un acorazado muy agradable con líneas limpias, pero una vez más, hay un muy buen trabajo de mano libre por aquí y en todas partes como un jefe. Fabtastic trabajo señor Marlow !!!!

Next we have Jay who hasn’t posted anything for a while but its been worth the wait as these are a great couple of models. I especially love the caped scout looking fella with the lovely free hand on the shoulder pad and the crisp looking armour and flowing cape. Lovely stuff Jay!

Next we have James and very cool looking Orlock Necromunda fella, I really like the green colour scheme as its not something you usually see and the leather jacket and bag have been done really well and we cant wait see the rest of the gang fighting amongst the scum and villainy of the lower hive dwellers! love it James.

Onto the next entry with Paul and an excellent collection of models from different systems, starting with some smashing looking knights for his adeptus titanicus legios. love the colours and the dark trim that have been posed very dynamically dtrifing to war. he has also done a small collection of super hero’s, which look great but the pièce de résistance is the awesome job he has done on the black fortress models which are simply stunning! really great work bud!

Next we have Lewis and a great looking death guard nurgly looking marine, i like the darker green effect then you usually see as it makes it stand out a bit from the other armies you see. nice and crisp edge highlights and some nice flesh work and rust throughout really ties this together! lovely stuff mate!

Up next we have Bill and a grim and dark looking grotesque from the dark eldar range. Its nice to see Bill pop up again with a new model as its been a while and its good to know that he’s still hobbying now that he has moved up north and porking the pig farmer! Awesome work bud and the paintings not bad either!

On to the last but not least Matt Hobbit and a guildball team he painted for Dan, which i think is excellent!!!  love the chest with the map and al the robes and clothes have been done really nicely and the whole team looks clean and really well painted. Awesome work Matt i’m sure Dan will be chuffed to bits with them.!


And there we have it another great set of entries and we hope it has given you a hobby throbby to paint your own models for february. do until the next time i will leave you with the immortal words of Snr Marlow:

¿Por qué el semen cruzó la calle?

Porque llevaste los calcetines equivocados hoy.



logo december

Ho ho ho and welcome to a festive painting showcase, we hope you have enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones and your new toys. So here we have another monthly round up of hobby from the geeks and gals from the Spartans. So without further ado lets get on with it and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look.

So first up we have Rob and his new collection of Orky buggies and bikes, which are looking fantastic with nice vibrant colours and dirty metallics. Rob has spent time on the flesh and it looks great giving the subtle highlights and shadows to help make the model pop against the reds and yellows of the buggy.  Also love the dirt on the bases, top work bud.

Up next we have a rather cheeky entry from Luke and a seriously cool looking Slaaneshi six titted, sword armed psychopathic seductress called Deborah. Lovely skin tones across the whole model and great depth added through the highlights and the shadows and some nice neat highlights on the swords and antlers. this looks so cool i really want to see her in the flesh and fondle her piggie style nipples. There’s no higher praise than that!

Luego tenemos al Sr. Marlow y una fantástica colección de varias entradas, incluida la beca del anillo (¡otra vez!) Y algunos grandes minis de DnD. Realmente me gusta la máquina mech azul con las ventanas teñidas de rojo que han sido muy bien hechas. ¡Pero mi favorito absoluto es el conejo de Jessica pintado seductoramente en el costado del avión! ¡Eso se ve increíble! Los Orlocks también tienen un esquema único pero excelente que los hace sobresalir y un gran jb en los ojos. ¡Me encantan las entradas de este mes, Sr. Marlow, son jodidamente maravillosas!

Next we have DJ and some fierce superwomen he painted up for his daughters for Christmas presents. These look super duper and some great contrasts and highlights across the flesh and fabrics, i’m sure the girls will be extremely happy with these stocking fillers! Nice work Super dad.

Next we have Dan G and a great looking ghost that is carrying its own hangman’s noose. Love the wood effect and the rope as they have been highlighted really well to give a realistic feel alongside the spectral colours of the ghost. nice work Dan!!!


Up next we have Greggles and some lovely gothic terrain, which has been painted in a rally nice grimy and realistic fashion but has been offset nicely with the vibrant mossy and grassy greens and the odd flowers. These are great looking terrain pieces that really makes the polka dot table cloth come to life!! Nice work mate.

On to the next entry with Dunk and his rather dashing 40K Death Guard all nurgley and lovely toothy maws. But i wanna focus on just how good the Genestealer cultists are looking!!! I know he has spent a lot of time on these and the flesh on the head looks insanely good with nice blends and liver spots and veins delicately painted in and highlighted up very nicely indeed. These are looking top banana!

Next we have Matt I and his lovely looking knight with all the guns, great work on the metallics to give some depth and great looking red armour plates that have been broken up with black panels and some well placed transfers. looks awesome mate!!

On to the next we have Paul E and his Dwarven character for a DnD campaign and a Blood Angels Librarian dreadnought. Love the bronzen armour of the little fella and the power weapons on the dreadnought look like they are sourcing with energy! lovely Stuff Paul, keep it up!

Next we have Si who actually managed to paint something in December, which was 2 of the Forge World Necromunda Hired Guns. He is hoping to finally get a gang finished to start playing some games in the new year. Si has focused on trying to improve his TMM and flesh tones and they have come out quite well.

Next we have Dan King and his lovely looking 40K Death Guard all chaosy and nurgley in his unique and distinct style which is a nice change up to the GW style of painting as it gives a real depth to the models with lots of nice little subtle pieces throughout each piece and really needs a closer look, love these mate!

Next we have Rich and his latest Guild ball team, which are looking really nice and the pics don’t do them justice as the fabrics and bases have been nicely done to give then to give them a really atmospheric look. Nice work bud i like the symmetry of the uniform across the team as it ties them all together.

Next up we have Phil and some seriously cool conversions to make a kill team of Eversor assassins, which is such a cool idea and they look so good together as a unit and have simple but dynamic poses. Phil has also painted up some cool looking Necromunda models i especially love the water gatherer and the scheme he’s used. Nice to see some models painted up by Phil! lovely stuff!

Next we have Matt and some ridiculously good looking Custodes that he’s been working on for some time. The gold is so deep and rich and complimented nicely with the purple plumes. Love the power claw’s electric blue that’s been so smoothly blended but absolutely love the cloaks with the freehand detail, so go back and have a closer look at them!! Love it Mat cant wait to see the full army on the tabletop soon!!

Next is Kieran and a lovely looking dude with some nice dark rich tones and lovely edge highlights to break up the model. Lovely looking jewel/crystal painted up and i like the decayed look to the sword. good work mate!

once again a great collection of entries for the end of 2018. So happy new year everyone and we hope to see more great entries in 2019. So once and for all for 2018 i will leave you with another gem from Sr. Marlow.

Si las mujeres beben un vaso de vino tinto, aumenta la posibilidad de un derrame cerebral. Si ella bebe toda la botella, podría incluso chuparla un poco.