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Hello and welcome to January’s painting showcase, where we have a superb selection of hobby related awesomeness as painted by the nerds at the Spartans. There are lots and lots of really well painted mini’s for you to enjoy and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look. So without further ado lets get cracking…

Next we have Tony who has dusted of his brushes and started painting up some sisters of battle. Its great to see him painting again as this looks fantastic! love the pearlescent looking white armour which is complimented nicely by the red robes. a great come back sir we look forward to more to come!
Next we have rob who has been smashing out the models in january with his gang for the new ‘Munda campaign that’s taking place. Obviously he’s chosen a savage ork/world eaters style army cos he’s obsessed but these look great! He’s also been busy with some hobbit stuff as well and accomplished a nice contrast between the metal armour and shields for interest.  great stuff bud!

A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow y su Edar, que han sido pintados en un estilo retro de principios de los 90 completo con bases de duende verde. Los paneles de la armadura son agradables y nítidos y tiene un bonito contraste entre el rojo y el negro y el hueso. muy buen trabajo mi amigo !!

Next we have Neil who has smashed out some high quality minis this month with some awesome looking demons and space wolves. love the vibrant red on the flesh on the demons and the wings are very well done! as well as the space wolves armour  is very crisp and the scouts are fantastic! You can also see how easy contrast paints can easily make flesh tones look good on the wolfen for a quick scheme. great work all round buddy!


Next we have Dan G who has been playing around with his new light box to take some great pics of chaosy warcry dudes. some nice looking flesh tones offset by the furs and bone ornaments on some nice bases, His painting is getting better each month!


Next is Paul E with his interpretation of the 30k blood angel dawn breakers in their shining gold armour, which look great with the red shoulder pads and blue power weapons to give a nice contrast between the models, The snow bases again look great and something a bit different. great work buddy!


Up next we have Dunk with his squeetari rangers and weird tank thing and drill. This concept although quite old now as he’s been working on them for a few years, still looks awesome! The painting style is simplistic (for Dunk) but works really well for the theme of the army in bold colours. great work lad


Next we have Joel with some more of his heresy era imperial fists with this bad boy! love the weathered yellow and the bronze effect on the plasma guns. The lenses look great and the accent colour of grey really helps to give contrast to the model. love this army! great work Joel

And last but defo not least we have Paul D with some chaos and Tau terrain. The terrain pieces look really nice and will add some awesome looking atmosphere to his garden shed tables, which must be the best looking shed in the world by now! But i really really like the chaos spider beast thingy, with the great black and gold scheme, which is so clean and crisp. its a thing of beauty!! lovely stuff once again bud.


so there we have it for another month lets hope it gives you a hobby throbby to pain something up in february, so until the next time i will leave you with a sales announcement from Sr Marlow:

“He decidido vender mi aspiradora, solo está acumulando polvo!”


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Hello and happy new year and welcome to December’s painting showcase, where we have a superb selection of hobby related awesomeness as painted up by the nerds at the Spartans over tthe festive period. There are lots  of really well painted mini’s for you to enjoy and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look. So without further ado lets get cracking…

So up first we have Mat and his new stunning Adeptus Titanicus Legio. Love the colour scheme which has been complimented well with the purple power sword and the brass trim to the metallics. The weathering is subtle but very effective in giving a battered and battle worn effect but keeping the pleasing aesthetic of the legio which is incredibly difficult to do at this miniature scale. Amazing work once again Buddy!


Next we have Steve F with a lovely scene full of character using a Rackham miniature as the centre piece, which has been framed well with the base that has been well crafted and painted to set the scene of like a wicked arch mage looking out over his dominion. Great effect on the glowing staff, which offsets the well textured purple robes and the bronzen staff. Seriously well done mate!


Next we have Mark with his new Tabaxi sorcerer after the sudden and saddening death of his last D&D character he has painted up a fancy looking replacement called Topaz Raincloud ready to cast death upon the venomous snake people and undead alike! great choice of colour for the robe to purrfectly offset the ginger feline features… Ameowzing work buddy!


Next we have Si who has had a crack at painting a Gunpla model for his bro in law’s xmas present giving it a weathered and battle weary look instead of the usual clean finish. He’s also had a go at painting up a back up goliath character for his D&D campaign based on the ‘Grog Strongjaw’ model from the critical role series.


Next we have Rob who has been working on his gang for the upcoming ‘Munda campaign with his lovely chaosy dudes with great flesh tones and rusty saws, which look great. As well as some LoTR models and a lovely village hall he painted up so they can hold a jumble sale and organise the village fete. Great community work Rob!


next we have Paul E with some more of his invasion of Terra/late heresy era Blood Angels.with some lovely crisp gold and nice vibrant reds they really do stand out on the table top. The snowy bases really help to give them that pop! looking forward to this slow grow army seeing the tabletop soon. good work buddy!


Next we have Paul D and his collection of chaos marines in that lovely black and gold scheme, which he has painted once again to a very high and crisp finish. He’s also managed some nice flesh, robes and especially the green fire as additional touches to the models and he’s also painted himself another stargate. great work as always bud!


Next we have Dunk who has given himself a month off over Christmas and only painted 3 models. One of which is a lovely sister of battle in the crimson power armour and jet black robes an some fantastic looking flames make this a very accomplished paint job. And also 2 chaosy type marines with lovely flesh tones and boned armour to create more interest across the black and red scheme. as always a lovely set of work buddy!


A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow con algunas instalaciones militares para felicitar a su guardia imperial. Estos se ven simplemente deslumbrantes con una gran cantidad de tiempo y esfuerzo para la preparación de kits y la creación de una base escénica, así como para pintarlos a un nivel fantástico. También un gran trabajo en las lentes, etc. en la torreta. Realmente fantástico compañero de trabajo!


next we have Dan K who has been very busy painting up a mixture of Zombie survivor related minis, some WW2 German forces and genestealer cults. Great work on the flesh tones across all of the models especially the cult and some lovely work on the clothes to give contrast and they look especially great with their pictures taken against the scenic back grounds. awesome work mate!


Next we have Luke who has been working on his latest superhero with some nice contrast between the red and the blue to give a vibrant scheme and the flesh and hair look really well done too. He’s also painted up a sword wielding bed sheet in a lovely deep black which has been done nicely to show the subtle highlights and shadows. great stuff mate!


And last and no means least we have Mark F with his primaris dark angel in the traditional dark green that has been nicely highlighted up to give maximum contrast from the dark shadows and complimented nicely by the cream tabard and the OSL from the plasma pistol. Great stuff Mark once again.


So there we are for another month a great fest for the eyes that should hopefully cast away the January blues. so until next time i shall leave you with a joke from Sr. Marlow.

Dos loros están sentados en una perch. Uno se vuelve hacia el otro y pregunta.

“¿Hueles a pescado?”


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Hello and welcome to November’s painting showcase, where we have a superb selection of hobby related awesomeness as painted by the nerds at the Spartans. There are lots and lots of really well painted mini’s for you to enjoy and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look. So without further ado lets get cracking…


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Hello and welcome to October’s painting showcase, where we have a superb selection of hobby related awesomeness as painted by the nerds at the Spartans. There are lots and lots of really well painted mini’s for you to enjoy and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look. So without further ado lets get cracking…

First up we have Mark who has been busy experimenting with crackling bases and painted up a sweet looking skeleton warrior Ossiarch Bonereapers. Love the colour choice of the pink and the turquoise as its a great contrast from the bone and the dirty orange robes. He has also done great looking bases with the use of static grass to give a realistic effect to them! lovely stuff buddy!


Next we have Edd who hasn’t posted in ages but when he does its worth the wait! these look fantastic with some great freehand detailing on the robes and shield there’s so much detail you keep finding with each look. also a very professional looking picture which really helps to show off the quality of the models! great stuff, glad to have you back involved!

Up next we have Paul E with the start of his new 30K Blood Angels army with some nice little characters to get the ball rolling. He’s even gone through the trouble of freehanding some squad and legion marking. these will be awesome when he manages to finish a whole army of these fellas to field on the table top.


Next we have Connor who has just jumped on board the Spartan group page and posted his star wars legion character. which i think looks sooo good. great work on the robes and boots to really give the feel of the tunic and the face really does look the actor who plays him! nice work indeed buddy!

Next we have Dan and some more Malifaux models he’s been beavering away on. Great use of primary colours to create a bold and bright contrast between the models  and has done some excellent metal work to show off the weaponry and armour. keep it up dude!

Next we have Si who has been a bit lazy this month but managed to finish off a 10 man velataros storm section for his 142nd C’Thonian Headhunters Solar Auxilia allied force for his heresy army.

Now we have Rob with some more Malifaux minis, love the flaming skeleton as its a really well done piece of OSL effect and has worked hard on the leather to give a worn look and the bones are very clean and well done! nice work Robblar!

Next we have Dunkers and another fine looking batch of Malifaux models, leather work is great on the plague doctor and cowboy but lets just admire the zombie horse and the contrast between the stitching and purple/blue hues of the flesh. Once again a fantastic set of minis for this months entry! His colour theory is spot on.

Now on to Pete and his awesome looking heresy era Blood Angel predators as part of his new armoured breakthrough Rite of War he will be trialling out at the next Spaartanax Sedition event in December. Great use of highlights on the black trim to really get an atmospheric look to the models and the weathering is spot on. these do look awesome bud!

Luego tenemos al Sr. Marlow y una cantidad realmente impresionante de marines que ha pintado como parte de sus puños carmesí / imperiales. ¡El freenhand en todos los modelos es fantástico y el landraider retro es genial con un montón de kitsbash e intromisión para que sea perfecto! bravo joven bravo!

And last but defo not least we have Paul D with a stunning amount of stunning looking models. I cant even begin to pick out individual pieces because they all look great but i will mention the centaur and his mates as they look so good and some of his best non-marine models to date i think. also love the terrain pieces. you sir a mother fucking machine!

So there we have it for another month of awesomeness, we hope its inspired you to pick up your brushes and start working through your backlog of unpainted shame!

So until next time i will leave you with an anecdote that Snr Marlow told me on wednesday.

“Anoche mi esposa y yo vimos dos DVD seguidos. Afortunadamente, yo era el que estaba frente a la televisión.”


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Hello and welcome to September’s painting showcase, where we have a superb selection of hobby related awesomeness as painted by the nerds at the Spartans. There are lots and lots of really well painted mini’s for you to enjoy and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look. So without further ado lets get cracking…

First up we have Paul and he’s been very busy plane spotting with some awesome aeronautica models, which he’s painted in an incredibly detailed way despite being teeny weeny… they look so good! He’s also finished up a fire raptor for his heresy era Word Bearers and looks super cool in a nice and clean finish!and to top it all off he’s painted up a mechanicum termite! a fantastic collection of minis this month Paul…. great job!!


Up next we have Dan who has been a very busy boy working on finishing off his evil sunz orks. Love the contrast of the red against the green skin with nicely painted tabards. He has also completed some chaos marines with nice matte armour and a WW2 mortar gun with great use of basing materials to give a realistic feel. but my fave is the genestealer cultists he’s been working on as he’s absolutely nailed the flesh tones with very smooth transitions and nice colour scheme of the blues and mustard. awesome work Dan we look forward to more entries next month!

Next we have Lewis who has painted a simply stunning chaos imperial knight in his fantastic scheme, which has been expertly executed. Love the freehand banner and corroded metal effects across the model and once again his use of slime on the base gives it a great finish and scenic look. this is gonna look badass on the table top. fine work indeed Lewis keep it up!


Next we have Greg, who has also been working on demons in his dark necrotic scheme, which looks awesome against the snow bases. This looks like he may have finished an army?!!! which if true is a major accomplishment for greg! great stuff buddy keep it up!


Up next we have Dunk who’s been as prolific as always especially when it comes to pumping out Malifaux models!! these are some of his best to date and he has really been pushing new techniques to maximise the level of detail. I absolutely love the un-dead pirate everything about this is perfect, from the pinstripes on the trousers to the OSL and the lovely subtle use of colours to maximise contrast across the hues. seriously fucking excellent!!


Next we have Mark, who’s knocked up some Dark Angel razor backs in a lovely clean and crisp style with some super fine edge highlighting and i love the white detaining on the winged sword emblems as they really stand out. Overall a good use of black and red as accent colours to make them pop! great work once again bud!


Next we have Matt Q a solitary blood angel Primaris marine floating around with an enormous cannon… as you do! What could be cooler right? well if it was painted in a way that made him stand out in the battle field with well painted clean red armour and crisp blue helmet that’s how! great work as always Matt great to see you cracking on with the Blood Angles.


Next we have Si whos been painting up the final models for Paul’s Ravenguard heresy army. lots of dust and lots of rust give them a battle worn look!


A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow y algunos puños carmesí bien parecidos. Tengo muchas ganas de ver las entradas mensuales del Sr. Marlow, ya que realmente mejora semana a semana y es genial ver su desarrollo personal. ¡Una vez más ha producido un gran compañero de manos libres bien hecho! Muy bien Goblin Green bases!


And last but defo not least we have Phil with his necrumunda gang he has converted using the corvus models, which is a great idea for a unique looking gang. The clothing and flesh have been really well done with some nice blending across, which make these look awesome! great work Phillis!


So there we have it for another month, fantastic effort everyone. i hope it inspires you all to pick your paint brushes in October.

Unfortunately Marlow wasn’t around for a closing comment this week, he has entered a fishing competition if you want to see how he’s getting on he said you could catch him on the live stream!


logo august

Hello and welcome to August’s painting showcase, where we have a bumper month of hobby related awesomeness as painted by the nerds at the Spartans. There are lots and lots of really well painted mini’s for you to enjoy and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look. So without further ado lets get cracking…

First up we have Dan G and a lovely combo of models. really like the green flame effect and spectral bird. Dan has been working hard and his technique is improving month on month. the robes and leather look great. well done Dan keep it up!


Next we have Lawrence and another nice collection of dwarves, ghouls and knights. The spectres have blended nicely and the cloaks are really really well done!! He has also got a nice TMM gold effect on the trinket objective markers and ginger beards. once again very well painted minis bud!!


Next we have Si and a freehand banner bearer for his solar aux, an assault squad for Paul’s raven guard and also an Orlock Necromunda gang, which he hopes will be used in a campaign sometime soon!


Next we have Joel and a fine couple of whirlwind scorpius’ for his heresy era imperial fists, which must be getting on for quite a few thousands points now! Great battle damage across the tanks and nicely clean painted lenses and a nice clean black offsets the vibrant yellow in a complimentary fashion. great work as always bud!

A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow y una hermosa colección de guardias imperiales y sus vehículos blindados. Me encantan los centinelas, ya que han sido dañados por la batalla con un bonito efecto y puedes ver la mejora que ha hecho nuevamente con su pintura. ¡Asombroso compañero del ejército!


Next we have Dunkers with an ungodly amount of high quality painted miniatures for his Malifaux bands. He recently won best painted at a recent event and its easy to see why as these are superbly stunning. Dunk has been playing with different tones in the colours to add depth to his blends. Great flesh tones across the models as well… awesome work!


Next we have Paul who has been busy with his titanicus board, which looks super duper awesome with the realistic battle debris that includes downed flyers and a stormbird. Love the effect he has done on such a small scale!. great work Paul!!


Next we have Neil and his custodes in that awesome tarnished gold scheme that gives a realistic feel to the battle weary emperors finest. The robes have been nicely done and look like they have a silky feel to them, all in all nice work bud!


Up next we have Matt and his adaptation of Constantine Valdor, with lots of tweaking, kit bashing and green stuffing has created a truly unique and glorious looking model. Just have a gander at the detailing on the cloak. Wonderful stuff have a click on the pics for a closer look at tall the fine details!!!


Up next we have Luke and some gruesome looking Malifaux models. Love the red coated harpie the cloak, flesh and jeans look great and the cleaver dude looks awesome, lovely work on the weapon and flesh tones. overall a very well painted group of minis! defo some of your best work to date dude!

Next we have Oliver with a first time entry and a rather well painted skitarii ranger in a lovely looking turquoise scheme on the cloak, which offsets the mars base perfectly. The nice and clean metallics look great, nice job mate we look forward to more entries!


Next we have Will and a lovely halfling wearing a squirrel, such a cool model and it has lots of character. lovely red and orange colour on the squirrel is a great contrast against the grey outfit. we look forward to see the rest of the team!


And last but not least we have Rob with a fine collection of Malifaux models loving the flesh tones but in particular the little green goblin like creatures with their vibrant outfits creating a eye popping colour scheme and some nice touches on the bases.think this is some of his best work to date!


so there we have it for another month, we hope this inspires you to get painting in september! so until then i will leave you with announcement from Snr Marlow who suffered a break in at his house last week.

A quien haya robado mi copia de Microsoft Office, lo encontraré. ¡Tienes mi Palabra!



logo july

Welcome to another late monthly showcase of all the hobby the guys and girls down the Spartans have been working on in the month of July. The nerds have produced a fine collection of mini’s for your perusal, as usual you can click on each picture for a closer look.

First up we have Lawrence and an amazing entry into everchosen and a collection of D&D models. firstly lets just admire the glory that is the demon model… pure loveliness!! love the pastel colour pallet used to create a distinctly beautiful paint scheme. and that cloak!!! and the range of D&D models all of which look fantastic. just take a gander and enjoy! lovely stuff mate!

Next we have Paul who is back up to his high quantity/quality output and produced a range of tiles for his titanicus and some super sweet models for his warcry band with some ghostly plant people nice, nice blending from the weeds to the spiritual appenditures! and love the fact he’s managed to paint in a downed imperial fist xiphon just to wind Joel up! awesome stuff as always!

A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow y un millón y un guardia imperial. Se está poniendo cada vez mejor cada mes y ha estado noqueando a mano alzada como si no hubiera mañana. Gran uso de una gama de modelos para crear diferentes unidades y lentes encantadores y espadas de poder. muy buen trabajo compañero!

Next we have Matt and some very nice objective markers for his Talons force made up from random custodes bits, lovely use of random primarch bases to mount them on!! but the cream is the titanicus legio he has been working on for some time, which are stunning and the awesome looking bases with water effects, which truly create a fantastic setting for these models and makes them truly unique. fantastic work as always!!!!

Next we have Barry, who has actually finished a model for the first time what seems like an eternity!!  he has been playing around with contrast paints for a quick paint job to make a very nice officer.it just goes to show that contrast paints can be used effectively and quickly to create a great finish! lets hope he starts knocking up some more models for next month!.

Next we have Bill who has been working on some dark elves and has gone for a rather striking red and black scheme which you dont see much of… great looking skin tones to give the dark elf their usual pallor and the red and black looks really nice! top work buddy!


Next we have Si who managed to finally finish up a 10 man flamer squad for his solar aux in a nice sea green armour which you dont see very often and a dark angels rhino with some nice weathering. Si is hoping to get some more solar aux done soon but has been put off by just hos fiddly they are!

Next we have slam Dunk and another million models he has managed to knock up in july! this time its some Malifaux models and has painted some lovely gun slingers where the denim looks so good along with the flowing cloaks, great blending throughout! and some great metallic constructs where he has used a range to create a TMM style effect across the unit. And also a very tricky fire elemental thingy-ma-bob but my fave is the lovely rich skin tones of the black gentlemen with hammers as it can be very difficult to pull off, all in all a very well executed bunch of models here buddy!

On to the next bunch and its Rob with some more malifaux models which look really nicely done. however, my fave is the flamenco clown dancer, the dress and shawl look great whislt the clown face paint looks awesome! Rob is another one who seems to be improving month on month! lovely to see the development, keep it up bud!

Next we have Greg and some inquisition models which are looking great!. love the blue grey on the inquisitor and they have all been painted to a very nice and clean and crisp finish. these are some of my favourite GW models and has certainly done them justice. great back drop to the models in front of the tv monitors. great work buddy!

Next we have Mark who has been showcasing a range of his models from his collection, all of which are stunning but i particularly love the nurgle greens as they have been well blended and using a brighter pallet that you usually see, which really make them pop! also the IF dreadnought and armiger are so crisp and painted to a high standard. lovely looking collection! i know hes been busy in august so we have lots to look forward to next month as well! super first entry from Mark!

Next we have Lewis and bloated blight drone painted in a lovely creamy colour which once again is a lovely change of pace from the usual colour scheme. the lens has been painted so well it looks super realistic along with the slimey base that has become a trademark of his army! very very nice work bud!


On to Scouse Greg, who managed to knock out a whole army ready for an event with some demons which are looking awesome… this may be the first time greg has managed to finish an army!!!! and i love the offset against the snowy bases to maximise the contrast against the demons. i also like that he’s gone for a grey skin tone as something a bit different for his nurgle demons. lovely stuff keep it up!