Welcome to another monthly round up of all the hobby goodness that has been created by all the Spartans and once again we have another month of excellent looking entries. so without further ado, lets get cracking and remember you can always click on the pictures for a closer look.

First up we have Rob who has been super busy with more of his awesome looking Minotaurs. Such a lovely and warm colour scheme that looks so classy and very well executed with some very clean panels and edge highlights and i like that fact he’s spent a a bit of time adding tufts to the bases in the same colour pallet to tie it all together. Especially love the chaplain! great work buddy!

Up next we have Kieran who has been very lazy this month and only painted one model but i think you would agree that he has actually done rather well with this evil eldar looking chap. Love the range of vibrant colours that draw attention to different parts of the miniature and really helps to show off the great paint job and the model itself. and top it off the lava base is smashing!! nice work dude!

Next we have new member Aaron with his first entries for the showcase with some truly awesome looking death guard and primaris ultra marines. Love the detail on the death guard, you can tell its been painstakingly painted as the details are so crisp and the liquid in the window of the tank looks stunning. The primaris are so clean and well executed they wouldn’t look out of place in white dwarf! lovely stuff Aaron we hope to see more from you soon!

Next we have Luke, who once again has abandoned his Game of thrones Minis for some Bushido models and varying types of of oriental styled loveliness. these look very cool and i love how vibrant he has made the models with the flowers on the bases and bright clothes and love the freehand flower print on the komodo. such a seriously good paint job and i looove the blue dragon he looks just like the one on the soy sauce packets in the shops!

Next we have Matt who has been super busy this month painting up some more of his super duper primaris white scars and i love the cool little conversions he’s made to give them a little touch of individuality and a nod to the chapters back story. Matt’s also been seduced by Bushido and has knocked up some very cool looking models especially like how well the geisha girls powdered skin has come out. Such a very well painted bout of hobby bud!

Next we have Neil with some absolutely blinding looking models, the flesh tones used on the mutated brutes are really well balanced colour pallet to show depth and interest and helps with the variation across the models. The blends between the flesh tones are flawless and is defo some of the best that Neil has ever done. The gobbo and squig models are also fantastic and love the bases as well… i could gush about these all day! love em!

Next we have Chris who has continued his tradition of strong entries into the monthly showcase with some more Necron’s and what a stunning entry it is as well love the blends from the yellow to green and on the power blade and i also really like the metallic bronze and silver as its a nice contrast. The assassin has also been completed with a very crisp and clean paint job, Chris really has been nailing he touches with a brush! great work bud!

Next we have Dunk with more of his fab looking Necron’s with his cream and blue scheme and very clean finish, which is offset by the tarnished bronze and silvers… it difficult to give any new superlatives when you keep seeing the same high levels of skill Dunk puts forward each month, so lets just sit back and enjoy the pictures! so so good!

Next we have Next we have the other Chris with some excellent looking models that look straight off the cover of a white dwarf he has nailed the GW painting style. Great looking flesh tones on the face and the edge highlights are on point for the chaplain. However, i love the golden Necron the armour panels have been very well done and the blue power sword contrast so well against it. very good looking models indeed, we look forward to more of these!

Next up we have Dan G who continues to improve month on month with some really cool test models he’s been working on this time a chaos marine with nice clean black and gold and also a Necromunda goliath with some great flesh tones and a very cool rusty effect base and worn armour, great stuff bud!

Next we have Edd with some more of his sublime custom chapter marines, love the old school dreadnought and the weathering effects he’s done but once again the level of care and detail he’s managed to get the quartered marines done so well, which is such a difficult thing to do and the highlights are spot on. Seriously lovely looking army this dude!

Next we have Jamie who has made a start on some custodes with a couple of test models, which have come out really nicely and you know i’m a fan of the tarnished gold effect to give them a bit more of a grim dark feel. nice use of the bases to add more interest and break up the gold. we cant wait to see a whole elite army of these boys!!

Next we have Dyson who has been slowly chipping away at his titanicus and finished his warlord titan with some sexy looking lightning effects across the amour panels and offset by the black and white checkers creates a great contrast to the model and the use of red as an accent colour gives max contrast from the black and white and compliments the blue delightfully. This is very well done my friend!!!

Next we have Joao with something very different from the sci-fi focused entries with some very cool looking historic mounted infantry. The bases look great and the uniformity of the uniform across all 5 mounts has been well done and the horses hair which can be tricky look spot on. Its really nice to see some historic mini in the showcase and he really has done them justice. top work bud!

Next we have Paul E who has knocked up a very very cool looking cerastus knight lancer in a house hawkshroud scheme with a nice looking yellow which we all know can be very tricky to pull off. Looks a lovely crisp paint job and the simplicity of the scheme really helps it to stand out and will look great on the tabletop! very nice work dude!

Next we have John with a super sexy looking eldar dude, this is a very accomplished paint job and the amour panels are so neat and tidy and complimented well by the blue fabric winged helmet. However, what really sets this mini apart is the use of the basing materials to create a dynamic pose astride the 2 stones and added additional contrast through the flowers ans tufts. love this a lot!!

Up next we have Pete who has continued working on his Heresy Blood Angels with some filth on the form of a infernus pistol moritat in a cool black armour with a nice blend on the power axe and looking suitably menacing! he’s also finished up some more BA troops which look great and again the blue power swords help to really make them pop amongst the legions red and black armour. speaking of which Pete’s done a great job of creating contrast across the minis and some nice weathering and even a few conversions in there as well!! Cant wait to play these sometime!!! great work buddy!

next we have Rob W who is new to the group and casually drops this gorgeous work of art for us to enjoy!! everything about this is sheer beauty, the cobbled road with overgrown grass, the autumnal tree to add a warmth to the scene and then the brickwork and realism is just on point… just take a closer look at the pics and marvel in its greatness! we defo wanna see more of this dude!!

Next we have Joe who has been making a start on some Orks with this little cracker! The flesh looks nice and the use of a vibrant blue thats been well edge highlighted adds a nice contrast to the flesh, bones and base. I like the blending on the bones and the use of red to add character to the bone clubs and a tribal feel to the weapon. overall a very cool looking mini! nice work bud!

Next we have Mark who has painted up a fantastic looking wizard for some D&D love the use of the traditional purple for the cloak and robes and with some subtle highlighting the robes look nicely done. also nice work on the flesh tones and beard, a lovely looking model and definitely captures the essence of all things wizardly!

Next we have Oliver who has created his own unique take on the classic Necronm trope with a very cool looking metallic blue with vibrant green accent colours to contrast against the silvers. I must admit i do like this scheme as its taken elements of the traditional colour schemes and given it a twist that i’ve not seen replicated elsewhere. great work dude!

and last but definitely not least we have Tony who is another who has thrown himself into some Bushido with some very well painted minis with clearly lots of detail has been picked out very carefully and the flesh tones are very smooth even when looking close up. Love the dude below as he has a feel of scorpion from mortal combat and the outfit looks great, very clean paint job with some nicely placed subtle highlights. lovely stuff bud!

so there we have it for another month, some awesome looking minis as always and its inspired me to not be lazy and do some painting in september i hope you call follow suit! so until next time, hasta luego!


Welcome to another monthly round up of all the hobby goodness that has been created by all the nerds down the spartans for the month of July, And with the lockdown easing and with the possibility of playing some games the lads and lasses have been super busy building and painting their armies in preparation, (apparently mostly Necrons) so lets not dally and have a look at what has been produced!

First up we have Samuel, who has been busy working on his new 40K Tau army and continuing with his awesome rustic ‘Forgotten’ tau scheme. I can’t tell you how much i fucking LOVE these guys, the idea and the execution is brilliant. He has managed to pull off what is actually a very difficult idea which could easily just look like furry green aliens but has managed to mix the foliage with rust and OSL to give a really unique and great looking scheme. Oh and he’s also gone and painted up a grey knight as part of a new Kill team. We can also say that his first effort of blending a power sword is pretty baller as well, love the muted red on the shoulder pad as well against the silver armour. all in all a great intro the showcase, top work bud!

Next we have Dan Adams who believe it or not has finally succumbed to the lure of the paint brush and done some hobby for the first time in what must be like a hundred years and boy hasn’t he done well?! He’s spent some time knocking up a Malifaux gang in the style of a posse with a great choice of colour pallet to suit the western theme. I like the use of the red as an accent colour as it adds interest but compliments the warm browns, creams and beige’s and some great bases to finish them off. Dan’s also turned his hand at some Genestealer cults and painted a ‘Cypher’ type mysterious dude dual wielding pistols looks baller too! nice work Dan we hope you keep up this momentum of hobby into August and beyond!

Up next we have Rob and the start of his new 40K Minotaur’s army… if i was ever to do a new marine chapter it would be these! Sporting a brazen bronzen exterior the likes of which the entire female population of Newcastle and Donald trump could only dream of Rob has created a lovely warm pallet with the use of red trim and complimented with black makes this a very cool scheme and created some nice bases as well to give further interest. These are very well done and so neat and tidy and its nice to see Rob paint something a bit different to his usual barbarians. really like these buddy!

Up next we have DJ and some more of his stunning looking Eldar in that lovely looking white and blue scheme. The armour panels are as crisp as snow and the blending is sublime as yo-u would expect from the big man. But i also love the different poses and work he’s done on the bases as well to give extra character to the units and uniformity across the army. A really truly fantastic looking force! we look forward to more from him in the future!

Next we have Joel who has taken a step away from his lovely heresy era Imperial fists to make a start on his  Bonereaper Necropolis Stalkers for his AoS army. Love the bone colour for starter which can be tricky to get right at times and the use of deep turquoise as a contrast colour is spot on and not only that but bases look great with the purple flowers adding a tinge of contrast and splash of colour to create interest across the units. Looking great bud we look forward to more of the same!

Up next we have Neil, who once again has been knocking out more quality deposits than a high end sperm donor. Loving the rusted detailing on the weapons and the highlighting along the bandages and the horns have a great organic effect. The termites also look fantastic, the weathering is perfect and on top of all of this he’s done a unit of demons and a very cool looking camouflaged scout. Just click on the pics for a closer look as there’s so much going on in each! really awesome work mate!!!

Next we have Paul D who has also been producing high quantity and high end models (once again) Loving the proteus land raider and also the rhinos have all been painted in a superclean finish and edged all over. But i really love the dude with the spear and skulled backpack which looks great but its the little OSL in the spear and him standing over the dead space wolf really makes him stand out. The chaosy marines all look so neat and tidy and the blending on the green smoke looks terrific! well done buddy these are sweet AF!

Up next we have Luke with another deluge of random mini’s from the deserts of the Dothraki sea some blood riders and Khal Drogo, which look stunning from the horses to the well painted flesh tones across the model including Varis the spiders bald head and vibrant robes to the Khaleesi herself, all look great!! He’s also done more of his lovely looking Marvel super heroes achieving a very accomplished look for each… and on top of that he’s gone and painted a million tanks and a trillion guardsmen as well! Great output this month bud keep it up!

Next we have Matt who has been continuing working on his chaos marines and accompanying spider creature. once again a very clean and accomplished paint job with neat gold trim, which is always a ball ache to do to such a high standard. Love the sorcerer dude and his array of colours to give max interest and contrast to the model. However, he’s only gone and jumped on some primaris marines with some awesome looking white scars, love the clean crispness of each one done to a high standard too! we look forward to more!

Next we have Paul E who’s painting seems to have jumped in quality over the last few months with some more of his lovely looking blood angels Leviathan and a few kill team marines of the deathwatch variety are all looking very neat and tidy and he’s done a great job at a marbled effect! But my fave is the marine with cyclone missile launcher as there’s so much character and the skin tones are perfect! awesome work bud!!

Next we have Barry, who for the 3rd month in a row has produced something for the showcase and wowsers has he been busy creating some high end paint jobs! These infinity models are simply superb the colour pallets of each are so complimentary to help pick things out of the models with max contrast but subtly done. Great blending on each section, these are very very good especially the white robes! he’s also knocked up some more Bolt Action army dudes with great scenic bases and horses! another stellar month for the Bazatron… he’s a machine!

Next we have Aron who has been very creative and made some of his own scenery, scratch built using polystyrene that he’s gonna use for some kill team shenanigans. I love the worn effect and he’s managed to successfully create the look of textured concrete but its the little touches of rust streaking from the protruding reinforced steel bars that really makes this look like a professionally made piece of terrain! Seriously good work bud!

Next up we have Mark who seems to be working on something different every day but for the showcase he’s finished up 3 sabre tanks for his new 30K Dark Angels army, which look fantastic and nice weathering on the tracks. He’s also knocked up a cool looking primaris marine in a nice all black scheme. On top of that he’s made a start on painting a million new Necron models with 2 of the big boys, love the white and brass scheme of the pharaoh looking dude grasping his shiny ball of doom, very neatly done and the weird spidercron looks so good in a colour shift metalic scheme! solid work once again buddy!

Next we have Dunk who has also been working on some more of his excellent looking Necrons, with some Love the crisp colour combination with the cream and graphite looking metallics. The blue power blade is also very well done and the blue accent really helps the model to pop. He also did some really nice looking terrain with the pipes and buildings and another lovely flying croissant. all in all another very accomplished and excellent month for Dunkers to the very high standard we have come to expect from the long haired lovely! great work bud!

next we have Adrian who has been working on some WW2 minis and has created a nice muted look to the fatigues being worn but what really makes these look great is the fantastic looking skin and faces across each model as they really help to build the character of the unit and the bases really complete the effect. a very nice looking unit! well done bud!

Next we have Chris who has put his Blood Angels to once side this month and made a start on some Necrons with this stunning looking bronzen metallic scheme which is super neat but also the lava crackle effect on the base looks awesome and the green OSL on the gun is very well executed. this is a very cool looking model and we cant wait to see a completed army in this scheme! love this!

Up next we have Greg who has continued working his AOS Sigmarines cavalry with a couple of excellent looking riders and their mounts. Great job on the armour and a nice clean blue and gold scheme but i love the scaly skin of the beast, its a great colour and is very complimentary to the scheme and has been done very well all of which have been done on nice scenic bases to add depth the unit. A great paint job bud!

Next we have John who has been working on an old world High Elf in a nice cream and blue scheme, with some lovely work on the robes and banners and even all the individual pieces of armour have been well picked out and highlighted. The scenic base also gives it extra character to create an all round very good looking mini! nice work sir!

Up next we have Kieran who has been continuing working on his Dark Eldar and has finished off quite a few good looking units. I really like the red/orange trim against the black armour of the sail barge as it offers max contrast and interest. He’s also done some good work on the flesh tones of the green goblin esq flying dudes and the models and the wings on the harpies and again a good colour choice for max contrast with some nice blends across each wing! very nicely done matey!!

Up next we have Jonny who has painted up a Necron lord spider in a very nice gold and silver scheme that has been done very neatly and is a nice twist on the usual schemes you see. I like the use of the dark green that you often see associated with Necrons to tie the scheme together and the vibrant green on the wiring really offers a nice accent colour. The base also looks great and the dead dude looks awesome! nice work bud

Next we have Si who has been a little lazy and only completed one unit this month, which is a unit of Lannister guardsmen. Some nice metallic work across each model and the bases and movement tray really give it a characterful scenic.

y por último, pero no menos importante, tenemos al Sr. Marlow y un personaje de D&D de aspecto encantador. Buen trabajo de los metálicos para agregar profundidad al carácter de este Golem. Las mezclas de escudos son particularmente buenas y, una vez más, el Sr. Marlow ha producido un mini de alta calidad. grandes cosas de nuevo, amigo!

So there we have it another bumper month with so much hobby, it really is a treasure trove of talent and we hope its inspired you to pick up your brushes in August and enter something yourself of you haven’t done so before!

so until next time i shall leave you with some his infamous knowledge

¿Cómo hace Moses su café?
hebreo eso


So here we are for another lockdown round up of all the fantastic hobby goodness all the nerds down the Spartans have been doing in lieu of going out or working. This is another fantastic and massive bumper month of entries. So without further ado lets get cracking in alphabetical order this month and as always you can always click on the pictures for a closer look at each one.

First up we have Adrian who has been working on some chaosy goodness with a sorcerer with some nice smooth flesh tones and some great looking flesh hounds with great looking bases but my fave is the rider on the mount as the metal and robes have been very well done and tied together well with the grass bases. We eagerly await some more additions to this army.

Next we have Barry with some more of his excellent looking guildballers and some infinity models. Love the face of the first ‘finity dude, such great depth to the flesh with the different hues and the blending on the armour is really well done and so crisp. All in all some very well painted models and its nice to see the high levels of consistency across all the models. Love how well he’s painting his white and light colours with max contrast… Great to see Bazatron back in his prime!

Next we have Dan G who has been knocking out loads of cool looking minis with some more ‘ballers and a random demon thingy! Love the work on the pig great flesh and leather work and the demons wings are looking great. Keep up the good work, another one who’s consistently getting better! we look forward to more form you next month bud!

Next we have DJ and some of his glorious Eldar… we’ve missed Deej’s entries into the showcase as they are always top drawer and these are no exception with their incredibly clean lines on the edge highlights and finish to each of the panels on each model. These look even better as a complete unit with such uniformity is very impressive! Lets hope we see some more from him next month. good to have you back big man !

Next we have Dunk who has once again painted a whole load of minis again this month its like he’s got nothing else to do… i mean the man really needs a hobby! A nice contrast of models to enjoy here with the muted flesh and clothes of the Malifaux to the bone and metals of the Necron’s offset with the brilliant blue look fantastic. Great use of the flat colours with Necrons in place of the usual scheme to give an great alternative look which are so clean and very well executed! Bellissimo!

Up next is Edd who only posts a couple times a year but when he does, everyone pays attention cos (if you excuse the use of the youngsters vernacular) “they look fuckin’ sick bruv!” as always a very accomplished paint job, and some fantastic subtle weathering, which add to the realism of the models along with the bases. Love the mix of Mk3 and Mk5 armours inter mingled with Primaris marines for this Lovely looking Newton Heath outfit made famous by Manchester United during 1992-1994 but seriously its such a very cool and unique scheme and painted to a very high standard… don’t wait too long til the next entry Edd!

Next up we Greg who has entered the Heresy scene with some fine looking iron Hands. This first tac squad looks great against the grassy bases and he has managed a nice black which can be tricky to accomplish and the trim is looking very crisply painted. We cant wait to see more of these fine looking loyalists!. nice work dude

Next up is Jamie who has been playing aorund with his 30K imperial fists and knocked up this cataphractii with storm shield in inverse colour scheme (which you all know i think is baller!) great use of blood for interest on the shield and nice weathering makes for a very cool looking first pf Dorn’s finest! we look forward to seeing more of these!

Next we have Joel with something not 30K imperial fist from him for the first time… in a long time! love the turquoise flesh against the muted base and clothing, which creates a great contrast to make them stand out. Have a little look at the close up pics to see the nice subtle contrasts on each model and is what are very well painted! nice work bud!

Next we have Kieran who once again has been painting his thumb and forefinger in an especiallhy erotic style that we have become so used to with his nearly naked style of painting… once again we are not refering to the models but to the fact he paints with nothing but a grimace on his face. Really like the work he’s done this month with the vehicles clean lines and nice flesh and armour of the warriors a nice mix of Elven hedonism to match his filthy personality… very nice work even for a pervert!

Next up we have Luke, who has painted up some very cool and well done marvel minis (when he should have been painting some ASOIAF minis but we wont hold that against him as these have turned out very nicely indeed! Great work to produce a final product the very recognisable heroes we love, which if you don’t get right people will tell you immediately, so fortunately for Luke he’s nailed them!! love them!

A continuación tenemos al Sr. Marlow, que ha estado un poco callado este mes y solo ha hecho 1 modelo. Sin embargo, se ha hecho con un estándar muy alto y combina su mejor trabajo de carne hasta ahora. Grandes cosas, el Sr. Marlow también ama la armadura azul y se ve casi metálica. Buen trabajo amigo!

next we have Mat Q, who’s been a bit quiet recently and stepped away from his 40K Blood Angels to bring us his own imaginative scheme with a vibrant green and white primaris model. which i think we would all agree looks very nice!!! love thew colour combo as its not one you would immediately think of but it works so well. a very accomplished paint job with a clean finish! nice work buddy!

Next we have Matt Hobbit who’s seems to have been out of the whole painting game for a while now and even longer in the whole 40K side of things but he’s back like the bad smell that he is with rather splendid and well painted chaos marines. I think Matt’s painting is always very well done and sometimes slips under the radar (though no fault of his own) its always very neat and tidy and i think the flesh and the blends are fucking awesome, i mean who doesn’t love a well painted and mutated wanking claw?! seriously though these are awesome from trim, flesh to robes! well done bud they are very well executed!!

Next we have Neil and some more superbly painted mini, this time he’s stepped away from some Sigmarines to some hellish plague ridden death guard looking chaosified vehicles remnant from the olden days! Neil’s style is one we always look forward to each month and these are no exception as he’s really pulled off the worn and weathered nurgley feel to these fouls beasts entwined with machine. these look great bud!!

Next we have Nick with some more of his superb Star Wars Legion models and this time he’s thrown in some vehicles for good measure. The paint job on these figures are some of his best to date and i love how well he’s caught the essence of Han Solo’s character with his face flesh tones. The alien skin tones are simply stunning and the clothes, robes and metallics are all very well done too!! i can’t tell you just how much i love these Nick, awesome work buddy!!!

Next we have Paul D who once again has been smashing out a significantly high number of high quality models with a mixture of chaos marines and monsters in that lovely black and gold trim… and a fabulous Fabius bile with great flesh jacket and vials and his little weird mate desecrating the fallen Imperial Fist, all of which are painted so nicely. Paul’s also knocked up some aeronautica models and these are very well done considering the size of the wingspans lots of detail and very well executed… love these mate!

Next we have Paul E who has been working on more of his Heresy Era Blood Angels with a good old fashioned castraferrum (box) dreadnought with all arms fully magnetised for maximum efficiency. This is a lovely well painted model with nice and clean edges and panels and complimented nicely with the snowy base to tie it in with the rest of his army. Nice work dude!

next we have Phil who has been working on more of his weird mechanicum constructs, with the bold turquoise and gold trim it cuts a dominant looking figure and the addition of the legs and cabling makes it look awesome! Phil’s also been playing around with painting up a deathkorp bust only using oils and this has come out really well and love the metallic effect he has achieved on the helmet. This is a really nice piece of work bud!

Next we have Rich who hasn’t entered anything for a while so its great to see him back at and this time painting up some Primaris marines in a lovely silver scheme. I really like the grass bases for contrast against the silver and futuristic marines. Great work on the chaplain’s robes and a nice bold red again for max contrast looks great! nice to have you back buddy!

Up next we have Rob T who is another who hasn’t posted in a while but then drops this little beauty out of nowhere and with all of the Necron hype that’s flying around it’s sure to set some jaws dropping (as well as some panties) love the whole effect it feels like a diorama on one 32mm base as there’s so much character from the pose to the use of foliage and OSL… its brilliant! love to see how the rest of them turn out!

Now we have t’other Rob with a great collection of minis mixing in some more of his greenskins from malifaux and some awesome looking primaris marines in the bronzed armour of the Minotaur’s. Love the red accent colour with the bronze for a warm scheme, which allows him lots of options to contrast with. Love the effect of the fire on the jet pack dude and the flesh tones across all models look well blended. nice work Bobert, you can see your painting skills levelling up each month!

Next we have Samuel who has been busy taking his first tentative steps into 40K with his new Tau army in the style of a rusted fallen historical species is a really fucking cool idea and his test models are really well executed making the bases part of the main part of the paint job is a clever and difficult thing to do but he has managed to pull this off incredibly well. He has also painted his first ever marine with old school chaos marine (love those backpacks for heresy armies!) and it also looks very well painted, we look forward very much to more of these!

Next is Si who has been concentrating on finishing off his Lannister army for the A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game, which is the first lot of medieval rank and file minis he’s painted. Nice bases create an atmosphere and uniform coherency to the units and he just hopes others jump on the bandwagon so he can play some games when lock down finishes!

Next we have Steven with a Cerastus Knight Acheron in a lovely pastel blue and white offset with t gold trim and red symbols. As we are now starting to expect from Steve, this looks B-E-A-U-tiful!! great weathering across each of the armour panels and good use of the transfers to add that level of detail and interest to the model. Very well done buddy it looks great !

Last but not least we have Will who once again has only offered us a small offering but boy are they of high quality. great little BB markers and some halflings again but i really love the peacock armoured dude, his headdress is simply magnificent and he is so well painted you really need to look at it close up to see the subtle work he has done. really like seeing what will puts forward each month as it usually is a little bit special”